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Water softener Service- The Money-saver You All Need

Get yourself delivered with a world-class water softener customized specifically based on the water you receive by none other than Doctor Fresh. Here, you will be offered the market's best price and water softener repair as well. The water purifiers and softeners produced by Doctor Fresh are based on high-quality raw materials, strengthening their durability while conserving a low maintenance cost.

But before you get the help you need from Doctor Fresh; you must get the water assessed to know which variation of softener you need. Water softeners are normally one of the most significant household items that play a crucial role in protecting the health of your entire family. So a good water softener from Doctor Fresh specifically designed to cater to your family’s needs would provide safety from life-threatening waterborne diseases while keeping their surroundings top-notch.

But You Must Know What Hard Water Signifies

The hardness of water is signified by the number of grains per gallon present in the water itself. In some cases, the hardness of the water is also measured using the PPM mechanism. Here, PPM means parts per million minerals. For example, water that would abnormally contain more than 1 GPG (which equals 17.1 PPM) of dissolved minerals, such as salts, manganese or carbonate, or magnesium, will be called hard water.

However, if the water you are delivered with has up to 3.5 GPG of minerals, you can avoid using a water softener and purchase the water purifier. No matter what you desire to buy, Doctor Fresh will fulfill all your requirements with its excellent water softener services. Suppose you let hard water get delivered to your household. In that case, the excess of these minerals may add some undesirable and pollutant qualities to the water, affecting the surrounding.

Problems That Comes With Hard Water

Hard water creates a massive impact on the household items such as plumbing fixtures, bathroom tiles, clothes, and crockery. Apart from affecting your household items, the hard water will also create an impact on your health. Although it will be comparatively less, the consumption and usage of hard water will lead to eczema, kidney stones, constipation and may negatively affect bone mineral density.

Hence, installing a water softener from Doctor Fresh becomes imperative if one considers these issues. The product from Doctor Fresh will be specifically yielded after thorough research to improve water quality with maximum effect and make it suitable for use.

Why Installing Water Softener From Doctor Fresh Is A Must

The water softener bought from Doctor Fresh will cut back the presence of contaminants. Such adulterations include pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, cysts, and high TDS or Total Dissolved Solids. This is where the water softener comes in. Such pollutants increase calcium and magnesium content in the water, which turns it into hard water. That is why you must purchase a water softener from Doctor Fresh and avail of their irrefutable water softener service as well.

Types Of Water Softeners Found On Doctor Fresh

Though several different variations of water softeners are available, ion-exchange water softeners are the most common ones purchased via Doctor Fresh. However, no matter which one you purchase, you will acquire a water softener service near me.

  • Ion Exchange Water Softener :- Normally, this variation of water softener will be connected to the plumbing system of your house. The water softener replaces calcium, magnesium, and other hard minerals with salt. The water softener purchased by us will contain resin beads that soften hard water.
  • Salt-free Water Softener :- This variation of water softener utilizes potassium chloride to make the water soft. It is not that effective compared to the ion-exchange water softener; nonetheless, it is an ideal machine for those concerned about their sodium intake. Unlike other water softeners, it prevents the mineral deposit on the appliance’s surface rather than reducing the mineral that makes water hard.
  • Magnetic and Electronic Water Softeners :- Magnetic and electronic water softeners are mainly considered descalers. These variations of water softeners reverse the electromagnetic properties of the minerals that make the water hard. This procedure generated by the machine ensures that the water pipes prevent the hard minerals from settling to avoid damage.

Some of the excellent water softeners and the water softener service in India you will get from us are mentioned below.

  1. Doctor Fresh Water Softener: 25 ltr, 50 ltr, 75 ltr, And 100 Liter
  2. Doctor Fresh Automatic Water Softener: 25 ltr, 50 Liter
  3. Doctor Fresh Bathroom Water Softener
  4. Doctor Fresh Washing Machine Water Softener
  5. Commercial Water Softener

Tips You Can Employ To Get Water Softener

  • Detect The Hardness In The Water :- While there is a professional way to detect the hardness of the water, you can also discern it after observing some significant signs. Take the white stains on the bottom of your sinks, the discoloration of the bathroom tiles, or the frequent bathroom fixtures as an example. These are the signs you can rely on to understand that the water you get delivered with is indeed hard. However, in addition to this, you may also get the water quality tested with our help. We will assess the quality of the water scientifically and prescribe the right solution based on the result at a cost-effective rate.
  • Consider The Capacity :- Another significant factor you need to consider while getting the water softener is its capacity. You need to know the power that the water softener holds to remove the hardness from your water. To calculate the size of the water softener, you may multiply the number of people by the average amount of water each member uses daily. Depending on the number you get, you will have to go for the respective piece of machinery.

Ending Note

To understand which piece of machinery you need to install, hire Doctor Fresh. We will assess and prescribe the right water softener with no cost to service water softener.

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