Is RO Water Harmful?

No, the simplest answer to this question is no. An RO water has no harmful effect on human health. However, some experts might disagree with us because few experts believe that RO water is not suitable for human consumption.

If you are also confused about whether RO water is good or not, then this post is for you. Here in this post, we will be discussing RO water in detail. This will vanish your doubt completely, so don't skip and read this post till the end.

Before exploring RO water, let's talk about the harmful effects of drinking water containing pollutants. Water pollutant makes water contaminated and consuming contaminated water leads to the various kinds of destructive and hazardous health issues. According to WHO, globally, more than 3.4 million people lose their lives annually. And in our nation, India, this ratio is in Lakhs.

Coming back to the RO water,

RO, i.e., reverse osmosis, is an advanced water purification technology that eliminates the dissolved solids from the water, including other forms of pollutants like microbes and pharmaceutical waste. Thus overall, it makes water safe to drink. A reverse osmosis technology eliminates up to 98% of TDS from water.

At this point, few experts stretch their eyes and keep saying that RO purifier eliminates impurities and also removes essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. And somehow, they are right, but still, there is no way to say RO water is harmful because it still protects us from deadly waterborne diseases.

You know, Ignoring RO water is like ignoring medicine while suffering from Fever and other health issues like stomach pain, vomiting, loose motion, and others.

Do you know every medicine you consume has some side effects, little or more, don't you agree with us?

But still, we consume medicine, and even a doctor recommends that we take medicine even knowing that the medicine you consume has some side effects. Do you wonder why?

Let me tell you because it saves you from immediate health issues. Are we right?

Drinking RO water is similar to taking medicine, as medicine protects you from immediate health issues, drinking RO water protects you from getting sick from deadly waterborne disease.

Today, we ask you and all those experts who keep writing and speaking that RO water is harmful, suggest us and the globe with the better option. Your option may protect the world from all those losses, loss of people's lives, occur due to drinking of contaminated water. As discussed earlier, more than 3.4 million people lose their lives annually across the globe, and a better solution for healthy drinking water may protect those lives.

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So What Do You Think? Do You Have Any Better Option?

Yeah, you might be thinking boiling water is the best option. Right?

No, boiling water is not a better option than RO water. Yes, earlier, it used to be the good option because the pollutant was not as rigid as today. We have two questions for those who believe that boiling water is a better option than RO water.

1.      Can you bring pure water on a large scale?

2.      Is it possible to purify water daily?

Okay. Let's assume you can boil water on a large scale daily. Now calculate the cost of LPG or electricity you use for boiling water daily regularly.

Have you done your calculation? It will cost you much higher than RO water. And it will be like bringing pure water by overexploiting other natural resources like LPG and water used for generating electricity.

If you still have any other option in your mind, suggest us your option. Your option may help us protect those innocent lives lost due to drinking contaminated water.

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Final Verdict For RO Water

We do not deny the fact that RO water also eliminates essential minerals. Yes, it also eliminates essential minerals with the substance that cause severe health issues. But here, we have the option to consume those essential minerals via our diet or food.

We all know food is the ultimate source of nutrition. We think all are agree with us. Are we right?

Good, if you focus on your diet, you can consume those minerals that lack in water, but if you consume polluted water, you will have no option other than taking medicine or visiting a doctor's clinic. So call is your whether you consume RO water or tap water.

Now You Can Adjust RO Water TDS

Technology has gain innovation and creativity. And now, RO purifiers allow you to maintain your desirable TDS of the drinking water; Yes, RO user can adjust their drinking water TDS level by their own. WHO recommends that water having TDS up to 300 mg/liter is safe for consumption, so now you can adjust your RO water TDS and enjoy living healthy.

We hope that this post has cleared all your doubt regarding RO water. However, if you still have any questions, then contact us. We are waiting for your response.


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