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Ionized Water Is A Powerful Antioxidant And Helps Eliminate Acidity In The Body For Better Health. Compare And Buy Doctor Fresh Quality Water Ionizer Online.

Water Ionizer - Know What And How It Does To Your Normal Tap Water

Water ionizers increase the alkalinity of normal water by altering its pH by using platinum and titanium metal plates. The alkaline water machine divides water ions by using electrolysis and produces water with a high pH level. The water can be alkalized in many ways, but electrolysis is the most liked method to raise the pH of water at home. The basic difference between normal tap water and alkaline water is their pH, as normal drinking water has lower pH than alkaline water.

The alkaline water has added minerals, and that raises its pH 7 to 8-9 and becomes sweeter in taste, raising the essential minerals and fewer contaminants. A water ionizer is also an effective water quality upgrading method that improves the alkaline of water and improves taste. The Doctor Fresh water ionizer is ideal for those looking to eradicate lower contaminants and raise its pH.

If you have decided that the water ionizers are for you, it's time to start your hunt with Doctor Fresh for the right product. You can go through our customer reviews and find out what customers are saying about our water ionizer machine. Get every basic fact and figure out our best-designed products and consider one of your suitable alkaline water ionizer machines.

Types of water ionizers and its application

#1. Alkaline water ionizer- choose an alkaline water ionizer to eliminate traces of microbes and ensure safe and alkaline water.

Alkaline water is high in alkalinity pH level is kept moderate, or it can be adjusted according to the personalized needs by using Doctor Fresh water ionizers. The natural pH of alkaline water is improved by adding most of the synthetic minerals. Apart from using an alkaline ionizer, the water can be made alkaline by adding baking soda, lemon, salt and calcium and magnesium ions.

#2. Digital water ionizer- it shows the reading of actual purity of water, so you decide if the water is drinkable or not.

The digital water alkaline ionizer can eliminate harmful impurities and keep essential minerals to manage its pH. The digitally ionized alkaline water is electronically enhanced water that shows the exact pH on the digital meter that allows you to control it manually.

#3. Industrial water ionizer- as the name suggests, it is applicable in industrial sectors where there is a continuous need for alkaline water.

The industrial alkaline water ionizer is the large capacity water ionizer used for the uninterrupted supply of alkaline water. It required a continuous water inlet to offer the desired amount of ionized water.

Focus On These Considerations While Buying A Water Ionizer

There are thousands of water ionizers at Doctor Fresh to choose from, but doing personalized research is essential for helping you to find out the excellent from the good. Take your time to buy a water ionizer, or get in touch with a Doctor Fresh expert if you have any doubt regarding the online purchase-

Know The Exact pH Range

If you are interested in buying an alkaline water machine for home because you want to alter your tap water's pH, producing alkalized drinking water. The pH range of an ionizer machine or ionised water refers to its capability to alter the pH of a normal source. Water pH is a measure to know the water is either acidic or alkaline on a 1-14 pH scale. The pH level of 1 is highly acidic water, and the pH range of 14 would be highly alkaline as the neutral pH of water is 7.

The Doctor Fresh alkaline water purifier machine price is flexible with the pH range and offers you the option to produce the water pH that suits your need. Low water pH is not suitable for drinking, so consider water with a higher pH for cooking and drinking because of its good taste and other health benefits.

Decide between under counter countertop water ionizer model

The type of free space in your kitchen or any space may decide whether you have to prefer a countertop water ionizer or it can be installed underneath a counter. Doctor Fresh alkalized water machine units are designed to be small and compact and can be installed in a limited space without any expert advice. 

Ionized water is a powerful anti-oxidant that searches and destroys the free radicals present inside the human body. Along with that, ionized water also improves bone health and reduces the chance of cancer in humans.

Ionized water contains minerals. The minerals present in water become ionized when they either lose or gain the electron. The pH of the alkaline water ranges between 6.5 to 8.8, and it possesses several health benefits, such as preventing various kinds of fatal diseases. 

Usually, the water ionizer cost depends upon various factors. However, at Doctor Freshwater ionizer cost starts from RS- 56,000/-. Below we have listed a few best water ionizers and its cost.

#1. Doctor Fresh IonGen Ionizer Premium- Rs- 56,000/-

#2. Doctor Fresh Miracle Max Ionizer- Rs-1,72,000/-

#3. Doctor Fresh Ionizer Delux 9.0- Rs- 1,34,900/-

Usually, drinking alkaline water has no side effects on the kidney. But if you have chronic kidney disease or taking medicine that affects kidney function, then the element in alkaline water could hurt your kidney.

Yes, you can drink alkaline water every day regularly. However, a water purifier expert suggests that people should regularly drink 2-3 litres of water to get the optimum result. The expert also recommends you not to switch quickly first; start adding alkaline water in your normal drinking water, then slowly switch to pure alkaline water. 

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