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Water Softener - Get rid of hard water by installing a Water Softener at home and office at an affordable price. Water softener use best-in-class water softening techniques, which make it suitable for all sources of water. Water Softener is the much need home appliance for all houses in India where the regularly used water is hard. Water that contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium salts are regarded as hard water. Hard water leads to various health issues like skin disease, and it also causes excessive hair fall. In addition, hard water also blocks the foaming action of the water as a result cleaning process gets affected. So, to resolve these issues, Doctor Fresh has launched a high-quality water softener in India. A water softener manufactured at Doctor Fresh is highly effective and uses modern technology and high-quality raw material; thus, it is significantly productive and efficient. And at Doctor Fresh wide range of water softeners are available so you can compare and buy the best water softener for your home at an affordable and reasonable price.

Water Softener- Resolve Your Hard Water Issues Today With Doctor Fresh

Are you looking for a water softener? Great, you're at the best place as we are one of the best water softener companies in India. Doctor Fresh offers you the top and best quality water softener machine at your doorstep in India. So shop among the best water softeners in India.

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What Is Water Softener?

A water softener is an electronic device that is mainly used to treat hard water. Excess concentration of Calcium and Magnesium salts makes water hard in nature, and hard water is not safe for domestic/home uses. Thus water having an excess concentration of calcium and magnesium causes various kinds of skin diseases and hair fall. This is the reason water softener has become an essential home appliance.

Almost every house in India suffers from hard water issues and to resolve hard water issues; Doctor Fresh offers a world-class water softener system that perfectly reduces calcium and magnesium salts from the water.

Doctor Fresh water softener machine is based on quality raw material which doesn't change water nature but treats hard water properly and converts it into soft water. If you plan for the best water softener in India, then Doctor Fresh water softener can be the best choice.

Doctor Fresh manufactures softeners for water treatment for all purposes like domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes. So no matter what your requirement is, Doctor Fresh has the best water softener system for all your needs. You can also buy semi-automatic and automatic water softeners India.

Types Of Water Softener

Based on the technology incorporated into water softener and their uses in various fields, a water softener machine is divided into various forms. So let’s elaborate them one by one

Various Types Of Water Softeners Based On Technology

Doctor Fresh manufactured water softener system is based on these listed technologies

  • Ion Exchange Technology

A hard water softener machine based on ion exchange technology is used to eliminate scale-forming salts and ions. This form of water softener machine uses sodium ions to replace calcium and magnesium salts to convert hard water into soft water.

  • Electromagnetic Technology

An electric water softener machine, also known as a magnetic water softener, is different from traditional water softener systems. This form of water softener machine is used to reduce the hardness of home and agriculture water. Doctor Fresh offers world-class electronic water softener at a nominal rate; thus, shop for the best water softener at Doctor Fresh.

  • Salt-free Technology

A salt-free water softener machine eliminates salts of calcium and magnesium with the help of chemicals.

If you're suffering from hard water issues, then book the best water softener machine service. You should contact the best company among water softener companies in India. Our water softener products are of the best quality, which is why we are one of the best water softener manufacturers in India. And being the best water softener brands in India, it is our duty to provide you with top-rated water softener products to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Various Types Of Water Softener Based On Its Uses

You need a modern and advanced technology-based water softener for your home to get rid of hard water. At Doctor Fresh, you will get a water softener for all kinds of home uses, like a water softener for tap water. Various hard Water Softener for taps are available at Doctor Fresh, which you can purchase at a nominal price at your doorstep across PAN India.

Bathing under hard water can lead to various skin diseases and heavy hair fall. If you're experiencing any of these things, then check your water quality and install the best water softener machine in your bathroom to protect yourself from all kinds of health issues.

Hard water contains a high concentration of calcium and magnesium salts, which blocks the foaming action of detergent and soap. As a result, it leaves a stain on clothes. Salts of hard water also get deposited in the washing machine, which reduces the washing machine efficiency. So installation of the best water softener machine in India for the washing machine is crucial and essential. Doctor Fresh is offering properly customized water softner for all kinds of washing machines, you can shop for the best softening machine for your washing machine.

If you're looking for an overhead tank water softener, Doctor Fresh is one of the best options for you as Doctor Fresh manufactured a world-class overhead tank. These days overhead tank water softener is crucial as it treats complete water tank's water, hence your entire house receives completely treated water softener water.

How Does A Water Softener Work?

Generally, a water softener machine contains a two-tank, one is called a softener tank, and the other is known as a brine tank. These tanks are connected by each other by a small diameter tube. The brine tubes are generally filled with a removable lid to be filled with sodium and potassium. In contrast, a softener tank is fielded with a resin bed essential for the replacement of calcium and magnesium salts.

The water softener machine started its work when water entered the softener tank from the inlet pipe, which is present on the upper side of the tank. In this tank, water enters at high speed, which percolates towards the bottom, and during this process, a negative charge resin bed attracts positively charged particles present in water. As a result, the positive ions present in the water cling to the resin, and after that, the water exits the Water Softening tank and move towards the whole house.

Water Softener Price- Compare And Shop Best Softener At Best Price

At Doctor Fresh, various water softner experts have created water softener price by keeping in mind customer needs and budget. This is why Doctor Fresh water softener cost is best according to the market standard. You can find the Doctor Fresh water softener price list by visiting our official website. Although there are a various factor on which the water softener price depends, some of these are

  1. Technology Used In The Water Softener

A water softener can be manufactured by using various technologies as a result, its prices vary. So while purchasing a water softener, you need to focus on the technology used in the water softener. The cost of the water softener machine based on the various techniques is different.

  1. Feature Of Hard Water Softener Machine

The feature used in the water softener system is also crucial as it may also affect hard water softener cost. A water softener manufactured at Doctor Fresh is technologically advanced and has mind-blowing features, which makes these products are long-lasting and world-class.

Why Should You Buy Doctor Fresh Water Softener?

We are among the top-rated water softener companies in India and our water softener products are world-class and long-lasting. We manufacture customized water softener by using high-quality raw material and it also possesses unique features. Being the best water softener brand in India, we also ensure to provide the best solution for both pre and post-water softener sales services.

If your regular water hardness is more than 7 grains per gallon or 120 mg/l, you need a water softener to protect your appliances like coffee maker, boiler, and others. Hard water also leads to skin diseases and heavy hair fall. 

No, water treated by a water softener is not safe for drinking. A water softener doesn’t eliminate water contamination but only replaces salts of calcium and magnesium. Salts of calcium and magnesium make water hard in nature, and hard water is not safe for human skin. 

Yes, a wide range of water softeners is available for domestic uses. Based on the requirement, you can use a water softener for the overhead tank, bathroom, and tap water. Along with this, you can install a water softener for various other domestic uses. For more detail contact our customer care center.

A water softener has various advantages but here are some crucial advantages like 

  • It prevents the build-up of scales on the inside of the pipe, appliances, and other
  • Improve the life of the home appliances like coffee makers, boiler, and others
  • Enhances foaming action of the detergents, thus improve cleaning action of the water

It depends upon the frequency of maintenance and repair service. A water softener that receives proper service and maintenance will last for 10-15 years. And without proper maintenance, a water softener will not last long. 

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