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The water purifier has gained tremendous popularity, and the main reason behind this is that it eliminates competition for contamination from the water. There are various kinds of impurities present in the water, and to eliminate those impurities from the water, your house should have the best water purifier at your doorstep. At Doctor Fresh, we offer you the best and mind-blowing water purifier that suits all your needs and it eliminates complete water contamination from the water. Doctor Fresh manufactures high quality customized water purifier which is perfect for all kinds of water sources. So, check our wide range of water purifiers and shop the best according to your need and budget. Our manufactured water purifier contains high-quality raw material, which makes the water purifier long-lasting and efficient. Doctor Fresh water purifier is also budget-friendly and affordable for all you can check our water purifier for home price list. This will help you to buy the best water purifier for your home. Doctor Fresh water purifier for home price list is given in the below section.

Water Purifier - Realise the Necessity of Effective Water Filtration With Doctor Fresh Water Purifier

At Doctor Fresh, you would come across a wide range of best water purifiers 2022; that comes with the latest technologies. There is no denying the importance of a water Purifier in today’s context of the pollution-ridden environment.

The water purifier electric is a water purification machine that uses advanced technologies to eliminate impurities. In short, it makes drinking water safe and helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doctor Fresh is also your one-stop solution to eliminate any possibilities of waterborne diseases.

When you use a water purifier from Doctor Fresh, you ensure that you are actually using a purifier with all the latest purification technologies. What’s more impressive is that Doctor Fresh has a RO+UV+UF+TDS water purifier and we also offer the best water purifier with low maintenance cost.

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Water Purifier

  1. The Reason To Opt For Our Best Water Purifier

            1.1 Our Water Purifier Aids With Effective Filtration

            1. 2 Our Best Water Purifier Uses Multi-stage Purification process

             1.3 Water Purifier Machine At Doctor Fresh Removes Water-borne Germs

             1.4 Our Water Purifier Sweetens The Water’s Taste

  1. Technology Used In Water Purifier At Doctor Fresh And Contamination Which It Eliminates
  1. Top 10 Best Water Purifiers With Price List In India 2022
  1. Essential Traits Of Our Water Purifier Machine
  1. The Benefits Of Opting For Doctor Fresh Water Purifier System
  1. Factor One Should Consider Buying A Water Purifier

The water purifiers of Doctor Fresh can also retain essential minerals and aids with zero wastage of water.

The Reasons To Opt For Our Best Water Purifier

Here are some of the reasons why our exclusive range of water purifiers is on the top among the best electronic water purifier in India

1. Our Water Purifier Aids With Effective Filtration

Irrespective of the source from where you derive water, it is essential to purify it before final consumption. And with the increasing water pollution levels, it has become necessary to have access to safe drinking water. Our water purifier uses a wide range of Water Purification systems like Gravity water purifier, RO water purifier, UV water purifier, RO+UV water purifier, and etc to make water suitable for drinking.

2. Our Best Water Purifier uses Multi-Stage Purification Process

Our range of the best water purifier comes equipped with multiple stages of purification. In other words, our water purifiers deploy an intensive purification process to eliminate contaminants at various stages of filtration. The varied filtration processes eliminate dissolved impurities and other harmful chemicals. Doctor Fresh uses a 3-12 stage-based water purifier which eliminates all types of contamination and brings clean water irrespective of the source of water.

3. Water Purifier Machine at Doctor Fresh removes Water-Borne Germs

Water-borne illnesses are still one of the significant reasons for concern among many people. The water purifier machine of Doctor Fresh ensures that you have access to safe drinking water. Our water purifiers remove contaminants with the help of a built-in UV lamp. The mineral RO technology found in our water purifying systems can retain essential minerals with a TDS controller.

4. Our Water Purifier sweetens the Water’s Taste

No doubt, the water impurities severely affect its taste and render it a salty flavor. Doctor Fresh RO water purifier machines can be an ideal solution when the TDS level is higher than 200 ppm. Our advanced filtration systems reduce the excess TDS and sweeten the water’s taste. At the same time, it also retains the essential minerals which are vital for human health.

Doctor Fresh Is India's Best Emerging Water Purifier Manufacturer & Distributor. Here We Offer A Wide Range Of Industrial, Commercial, and Domestic Water Purifiers. Our water purifier Rates Are Best According To The Market Standard.

Doctor Fresh to water purifier cost has been designed by expert professional and they kept in mind about customer needs and budget. Thus the cost of the water purifier available at Doctor Fresh is best according to the market standard.

Technology Used In Water Purifier At Doctor Fresh And Contamination Which It Eliminates

Water Purifier Technology

Impurities It Eliminates

RO (Reverse Osmosis)

Up 99.99% TDS

UV (Ultra-violate)

Microbes like bacteria, viruses, fungus, and protozoa

Sediment Filter

Dirt, dust, and rust

Carbon Filter

Volatile Organic Compound, Chlorine, & other impurities contaminant which causes an unpleasant odor

UV (Ultra Filtration)

Microbes like bacteria, fungus, and others

Top 10 Best Water Purifiers With Price List in India 2022

Here We have Prepared a List of the Best Water Purifiers with a price list available in India 2022 with multiple-stage purification technology.

Best Water Purifiers List Purification Technology Price
Doctor Fresh - Life Star UV + UF ₹ 8500/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Protector RO+UV+TDS Infuser ₹ 13500/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Protector Plus RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser ₹ 14500/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Guard RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser+ME ₹ 15500/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Guard Plus RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser+ME+AS ₹ 16500/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Veda RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser+ME+AS+Alkaline ₹ 19500/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Veda Plus RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser+ME+AS+Alkaline +Copper ₹ 20500/-
Doctor Fresh - Kitchen Pride UTC RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser+ME ₹ 17500/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Supreme RO+UV+TDS Infuser ₹ 28000/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Essential Ceramic Dome / Carbon / Mineral Cartridge ₹ 2750/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Go Carbon + Alkaline Media ₹ 1750/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Jug Carbon + Alkaline Media ₹ 2750/-

Essential Traits of Our Water Purifier Machines

At Doctor Fresh, we deploy advanced water purification techniques to safeguard the health of your family. All our water purifiers use multi-stage purification processes, which ensure you get nothing but pure water. Here are some of the critical features of our reverse osmosis water purifier systems you should be aware of.

  • Provides You With 100% Pure Drinking Water:- Doctor Fresh purifiers eliminate bacteria, heavy metals, viruses, and other dissolved impurities, which makes water 100% safe. We also comply with drinking water standards which sets us apart from others. Buy a water purifier from Doctor Fresh to keep water-borne illnesses at bay.

  • Eliminates Dissolved Impurities:- The initial RO water purifier price may be higher. But once you opt for our water purifying systems, the features would amaze you. At Doctor Fresh, we manufacture water cleaners that can remove dissolved impurities, paving the way for your family’s good health.

  • Ideal To Treat Water Derived from Various Sources:- The water purifiers available at Doctor Fresh can treat water derived from various sources. From municipal water to bore wells water, our water purifiers can effectively filter out impurities present in water. It is best water purifier for municipal water and other source.

The Benefits Of Opting For Doctor Fresh Water Purifier System

Our exclusive range of water purifiers offers you the best-in-class filtration system. Equipped with a sophisticated and advanced TDS regulator, the device can adjust the purification process as per the water source. Moreover, we deploy an advanced water purifier system that aids with multi-stage filtration. We also provide our customers with a water purifier price list so that they can implement the best buying decision. The water purifier price list includes every minute detail about the cost and maintenance charges.

Doctor Fresh water purifiers come with a standard intuitive LED display and computer-controlled authenticated purification cartridges. So with these things in mind, let’s take a glance at some of the benefits of our water purifiers.

  • Treats Water Obtained From Different Sources:- Doctor Fresh RO+UV water purification system is a standard in all water filters and it can eliminate all kinds of contamination irrespective of the source of water.

  • MTDS Regulator:- As per Quora, the best water purifier is the one that can control TDS and perfectly clean the water. At Doctor Fresh, we manufacture RO water purifiers that can manage TDS intelligently and eliminate contaminants perfectly. Do you know what is MTDS in water purifier?

  • Comes with the Revolutionary E-Boiling Technology:- Doctor Fresh water purifier is the one that can facilitate e-boiling. Our water purifiers have built-in e-boiling technology which eliminates microbes like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and it safeguards the health of your family.

  • Presence of Active Copper Cartridge:-  The presence of active copper cartridges makes our water purifier. Our premium range of water purifiers can infuse copper ions into the water.

Factor One Should Consider Buying A Water Purifier

Raw water quality suggests which water purifier technology you should go for because a particular pollutant needs specific types of water purifiers. At Doctor fresh, we have the best water purifier to treat different kinds of water impurities. So before you purchase a water purifier for your home, consider contacting Doctor Fresh customer care executive or check the below-listed factors.

#1. Water Quality:- Mostly, you receive high TDS water, and to eliminate the organic & inorganic substances from the water, you need an RO water purifier

#2. Contaminant:- If your water contains dissolved and suspended contamination, then an RO water purifier is perfect for your house, or if your water contains microbial contaminant, then a UV water purifier is suitable for you

#3. Water Pressure:- The incoming raw water pressure also determines the water purifier you should buy for your home. A reverse osmosis system works properly when the incoming water flow is high

#4. Electricity:- Also play a vital role while selecting a water purifier. Many water purifiers don’t work without electricity, so those kinds of water purifier is useless for home having bad power shortages

#5. Budget:- Before you look for a water purifier online, you should have a budget in your mind. This will help you select the water purifier that encompasses all the parameters like water quality, TDS level, and others

At Doctor Fresh, it’s not just our commitment to quality that makes us unique. We are also a class apart when the context is about after-sales service. Our trained technicians and futuristic service centers ensure that you have zero hassles. Buy water purifiers from Doctor Fresh and protect the health of your whole family from waterborne diseases.

A electric water purifier is important to get clean and clear water for drinking. These days freshwater source is heavily contaminated thus unsafe for human consumption. A water purifier eliminates 99.9% of impurities from water and makes it safe for human consumption.  

A water purifier brings 100% pure and healthy water which ensures a healthy immune system thus protects you from various kinds of waterborne diseases. A water purifier significantly eliminates microbes and other dissolved salts from water. 

Here are the top 5 Doctor Fresh water purifier model you can buy for your house 

#1. Doctor Fresh Life Veda RO+ UV+ TDS+ Infuser+ Mineral Enhancer+ AS+ Alkaline+ Copper

#2. Doctor Fresh Life Protector RO+ UV+ TDS Infuser

#3. Doctor Fresh Life Joy RO+ UV+ UF+ TDS Infuser+ Mineral Enhancer+ AS+ Alkaline

#4. Doctor Fresh Life Guard RO+ UV+ UF+ TDS Infuser+ Mineral Enhancer

#5. Doctor Fresh Life Guard Plus RO+ UV+ UF+ TDS Infuser+ Mineral Enhancer+ AS

A Doctor Fresh water purifier price ranges between Rs-8,500/- to Rs-19,500/- depending upon the water purification stages. Water purifier price also varies according to the feature associated with water purifiers like Mineral enhancers, filter alerts, and others. 

Expert suggests water purifiers to all across India. You can use a water purifier when your regularly used water has high TDS and increased microbial contaminant. A best electric water purifier in india is also recommended when you experience an unpleasant odor in the water.  

No, water purified by RO water purifier is considered safe for drinking. A reverse osmosis technology-based water purifier eliminates all kinds of contamination present in water, thus making it clean and safe. Drinking contamination-free water protects from various types of waterborne diseases. 

No, boiled water is not safer than RO water. Boiled water only eliminate chemical contamination from water, but an RO technology-based water purifier eliminates all kinds of contamination, including chemicals and microbial contamination from the water.

According to the BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standards), water having less than 500 mg/L is considered safe for drinking water, whereas WHO has set this limit up to 300 mg/L. And according to the various water purifier experts, water having TDS 50-150 mg/L is suitable for living a healthy lifestyle.

There are various factors that you need to consider while having a water purifier. Below we have listed some of the factors which you should consider while buying a water purifier

  • Technology Used in the water purifier
  • Purification Capacity
  • Electric water purifier price


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