Water Heater

A water heater is one of the best electric appliances to cater to your daily water heating needs. Doctor Fresh water heater has auto-cut-off features to avoid overheating and excess power consumption. Choose your best water heater that is compact, efficient, and available in many different sizes to deliver the correct quantity of water you need; our range of water heaters can hold heated water for maximum time because of the insulated water tank. Apart from this, tank less, solar, and hybrid pump water heater is also available at Doctor Fresh. Water heater price also varies as per its size, features, and water tank capacity.

Water Heater- The Role Of Water Heater And How It Suits Your Requirements

Doctor Fresh water heater is a great buy as it is a perfect balance between price and performance. It is available in plastic and metals as you can find storage water heaters are available in 10to 25 liters and with all the safety features like auto cut off, thermostat, and safety valve. A water heater can be handy for heating water as it is found in most homes to meet day to day water heating needs. Because of these multiple reasons they are listed among the leading brands for quality water heaters.

You can also check online to see the entire range of water heaters by Doctor Fresh. Our range of water heaters is compact, efficient, and available in different size variations in both plastic and metals bodies. You can install the water heaters in the bathroom, and kitchens away from the living area to ensure safety. Doctor Fresh water heaters are absolutely safe and easy to use as they are made from food-grade plastics. The home water heater gives you the convenience of heating and great energy efficiency to make it the perfect choice.

Kinds Of Water Heaters Available At Doctor Fresh

  • A conventional water heater with a storage tank

This is the most popular and widely used water heater in homes as it can hold heated water. The insulated water tank used in the heater keeps water warm until it is not switched off. The storage tank water heater has the option to limit the water temperature that controls it getting excess heated. It has auto cut off technology that activates when it reaches the desired temperature as set by the user.

  • The tank less water heater

A tank less water heater gives you warm water without any storage tank, it uses highly heated coils filled with water that you can use as per your need. It has heated up water quickly as it doesn't have a storage tank. It needs a constant power supply to heat up the coils as it’s the long run can cost more than a conventional water heater. It takes no time to warm water because of its super-heated coils and dispense warm water within a minute.

  • Solar powered water heater

The solar powered water heater draws heat from the sun as it doesn't need any other energy source to heat water. It works in association with roof mounted solar panels and the heat conductive material that heats the water tank. You can also use electricity and another energy source when it doesn't work on cloudy days.

  • The hybrid pump water heater

The hybrid water heater is made to use heat from air and ground to heat water. There is a need for electricity only to pull heat from the ground and air and that makes it a power-saving model. You need to find a proper space on the top of the wall to install the water heater in a vertical position. It also has a conventional tank that stores water as per its capacity.

Paybacks Of Using Our Range Of Water Heaters

  • Our water heaters are convenient to use and safe for bathroom and kitchen purposes
  • You can get it in different sizes, features, and styles that make it perfect for all-purpose
  • You can get an on-demand hot water supply from Doctor Fresh water heater

Things You Would Consider While Buying A Water Heater

Energy efficiency- it is required to choose the energy-efficient water heater that proves economical in the long run. You have to compare the power rating of the water heater at the time of buying. Choose a high star rated water heater that offers power saving and heat water promptly.

Safety features- you don't ignore the safety measures in a water heater as it is an electronic appliance and has thermostats and a multi-function valve. The type of device needs extra safety to make it suitable for long hours of use.

Water-conserving ability- the water heaters don't waste any water and are considered as no water wastage appliance. The storage water tank heater can store warm water for longer without wasting any drop.

How A Water Heater Can Understand Your Water Requirements

Taking expert advice before installing a water heater makes your choice suitable and enough for your needs. A suitable water heater gives you better peace of mind with instant heating and low service requirements. Check out Doctor Fresh water heaters that are safe, economical, and compatible with your needs.

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