What Is MTDS In Water Purifier And What Is Its Advantages?

MTDS is a TDS controller which manually regulates the TDS level in the drinking water. With the help of the MTDS, users can adjust TDS levels according to their needs. Here in this article, we've discussed everything in detail, including MTDS benefits. So read this article till the end and share it with your contacts.

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Which Water Purifier Is Best For Home In 2022

Are you planning to buy a water purifier home in 2022? Great!! We appreciate you being conscious about your own and your family health, so don't make a mistake and buy the best. Here in this blog, we have listed top-rated water purification technology which you can choose for your house.

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Is It Okay To Drink Water From A Water Softener?

A water softener is one of the effective water purification systems which is used to treat hard water. We have elaborated deeply on "Is It Okay To Drink Water From A Water Softener" in this post? 
So click here and read it till the end and clear all your doubt about water softener treated water
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Is RO Water Harmful?

Many experts claim that RO water is good for health, still, a group of experts aren't satisfied with them and continuously claim that RO water is harmful. So we want to ask you, what's your thought on it? You don't need to hurry, and we recommend you read this blog before you decide, is RO water harmful? Or not? 

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How To Check TDS Of Water? Few Best Methods To Check Water TDS At Home

TDS, i.e., Total Dissolved Solids, is crucial for drinking water. Water having a high TDS level is unsafe for drinking as it may lead to various kinds of waterborne diseases. There are various ways by which one can check their drinking water TDS level. In this post, we have listed the 2 best methods to calculate water TDS levels at home so that you can drink safe water. BIS recommends that water having TDS less than 500 mg/litre is safe, but WHO has set this limit up to 300 mg/litre only. 

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Advance Water Purification Technology To Treat Contaminated Water

Water purification is a process that eliminates the contaminant from the water and makes water safe and healthy for consumption. There are various primitive and advanced ways to treat water contaminants, and here we will be discussing all the methods of water purification. So keep reading it till the end. Firstly we have listed a few innovative and advanced water purification technology, so read and learn about these technologies & their importance in water purification. 
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Water Purifier Abbreviation

RO, UV, UF, what does it mean? RO stands for reverse osmosis, UV for Ultra violate, and UF stands for Ultrafiltration. To know about more abbreviations used in water purifiers, read this blog. Here we have elaborated on other abbreviations like TDS, MTDS, AS, TA, LPH, GPH, BIS, and many others, so click and dive deeply into the ocean of water purifier abbreviation.

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What Is Reverse Osmosis System And How Does It Work?

A reverse osmosis system is an advanced water purification device mainly used to eliminate contamination from the water. A reverse osmosis system can remove up to 98% of TDS present in water and make water tasty and healthy. Here in the article, we have elaborated reverse osmosis system in Detail. So Click here to know more

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How To Eliminate Lead From Drinking Water

Lead in water can be dangerous and it affects both children, adults, and old-aged people. In a pregnant lady, it increases the chance of miscarriage, stillbirth, and premature baby. According to the Environmental Protection Agency" the maximum recommended maximum level of Lead should be "Zero" in drinking water. Lead mainly affects the nervous system, Kidney, and others. 

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