Water ATM

Water ATM - Browse a wide range of latest technology Water ATM machines or water vending machine at Doctor Fresh. We have successfully completed 10+ water ATM projects in India.

Water ATM- Innovative Solution For Drinking Water At Doctor Fresh

Water ATM is an automatic vending machine that brings clean water irrespective to the source of water. A water ATM machine can be installed in both rural and urban areas. In addition, it can be installed at any other locality where "NO" or "Fewer" people have access to pure and healthy drinkable water.

Doctor Fresh Manufacturers India’s Most Advanced Water Purification System That Brings Better Water For Drinking And Better For The Environment

At Doctor Fresh, we manufacture water ATMs by using the latest and advance water purification system, and our water ATM is made by our team locally in India. From the beginning, we are focused on bringing the latest technology-based water ATMs to resolve the drinking water issues in the area where people do not easily get access to healthy water.

Types Of Water ATM

However, a water vending machine can be categorized into several categories, but here we have listed some of the most crucial types of water ATM, and these are

  • Card Operated Water ATM- The specific smart card operates this form of water ATM. A Card operated water ATM is suitable for that area where the water consumption per person is comparatively high
  • Coin Operated Water ATM- A Coin operated water ATM operated by specific kinds of the coin to get a certain amount of clean and drinkable water. This form of water ATM is suitable for public places where water demand per person is comparatively less
  • Coin & Card Operated Water ATM- This form of water ATM is suitable for that area where water demand is not fixed. It means a coin-operated and card-operated water ATM can be suitable for both low and high demand for water per person.

Water ATM Applications

  • Village- In India, more than 70 rural population feed groundwater, and groundwater is the main source of waterborne disease. Having a water ATM in rural area can provide clean and healthy water access to the people living in the village at the nominal price
  • Hospital- Hospitals are the most important places for safe and hygienic drinking water because a single contaminant in water can ruin patient health badly. And in hospitals not only patient needs clean water but their respective family to needs clear water for drinking
  • Schools- Waterborne diseases are vulnerable among kids, and the most common waterborne disease in infants is diarrhoea. Water ATM set up in school ensure improved health of students
  • Colleges- Colleges are also one of the needs places for safe drinking water because most of the students living away from their homes and drinking contaminated water may ruin their health badly
  • Metro Station/Railway Station- In our nation, millions of people travel every day and during travelling people drinking water quality get compromise but because of water ATM now people can drink pure water that is at the nominal price

Why Is Doctor Fresh Water Best?

At Doctor Fresh, we manufacture modern and technologically advanced water ATMs that can bring pure and clear water irrespective of the water source. And our manufactured water ATM is not only based on the latest technology but also a cost-effective and low maintenance machine. Along with this, we ensure good pre and post-sales service, which make us the number one choice for water ATMs in India.

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