What Is MTDS In Water Purifier | MTDS Working & Advantages

MTDS in water purifiers is referred as Manually Total Dissolved Salts controller.

So, MTDS is a regulator that helps the user control their drinking water TDS level.

Usually, people get confused that MTDS is a water filter, but it is not right.

Actually, the MTDS used in a water purifier is not a filter.

Yes, MTDS is only a regulator to change the TDS level in the output water obtained from the water purifier.

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As we all know, TDS levels in drinking water play an important role. And a higher level of TDS in your drinking water can be dangerous. So it becomes crucial for us to check our drinking water TDS level before consumption.

To check your water TDS level at home, read our article “How To Check Water TDS At Home”.

According To The BIS, Water Having TDS Up To 500mg/L Is Safe For Human Consumption, But WHO Recommends To Drink Water Having TDS Level Up To 300mg/l. Various Water purifiers Expert Suggest Drinking Water Having TDS <50mg/l but >300mg/l.

Quite confusing? Right

Here the role of MTDS comes into play.

Yes, with the help of the MTDS regulator, you can control your drinking water TDS level manually and more specifically according to your choice.

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MTDS can be used in all kinds of water purifiers irrespective of the types of water purification systems. So whether you need an RO water purifier or RO UV water purifier or a RO UV UF water purifier or water purifier with any other specification, Doctor Fresh will customize your purification system with an MTDS controller.

Having MTDS Regulator With Your Water Purification System, Allows You Control Over Your Drinking Water TDS Level. This Small Gadget In Your Water Purifier Connects Your Purification Towards The Completion.

How Does MTDS Work?


We have mentioned in the above paragraph that the MTDS used in a water purifier is not a filter. It is only a regulator which allows the users to control the optimum TDS level in the water.

The MTDS regulator is mainly connected with 2 inlets. One inlet of MTDS emerges from the RO membrane. The 2nd inlet of the MTDS originates from various sources based upon the type of filtration used in the water purification system.

We have tabulated the 2nd inlet source of the MTDS regulator used in the water purifier to understand this.

Type Of Water Purifier

2nd Inlet Of The MTDS


Carbon Filter




Either from UF or Carbon Filter

This regulator controls the TDS level in water by these two inlets.

When the TDS level in water needs to be reduced, the water circulation throughout the RO membrane increases. And when the TDS level needs to be increased, the water flow of the second inlets increases. This is how the MTDS regulator controls the water TDS level.

What Is The Advantages Of MTDS In Water purifiers?

The MTDS enables people to consume optimum salts & minerals by regulating the sufficient water TDS level. This ensures the optimum pH of the drinking water, which suits the human body.

This is not the only advantage of the MTDS in a water purifier.

Yes, because the MTDS in the water purifier also enhances the taste of the water by regulating the optimum TDS level. The concentration of the dissolved salts in the water makes water taste better or worse.

Apart from all these benefits of MTDS.

This regulator has one significant advantage, which is its cost. Yes, the MTDS is highly economical. You can now maintain your water TDS level at a small cost.

How To Adjust TDS Using MTDS Regulator

In the above section, we have deeply discussed MTDS in water purifiers. Here, we will discuss increasing or decreasing the TDS level in purifiers using the MTDS regulator. So take a sip of water and read these steps; this can help you adjust your drinking water TDS level.

  1. Take the screwdriver and open the outer cover of the water purifier. In most water purifiers, the MTDS regulator is placed inside the outer cover
  2. Search the Screw on the MTDS regulator
  3. Move the screw clockwise to decrease the TDS level in the water
  4. To increase the TDS level in the water, move the screw anticlockwise
  5. Now check the TDS level of your drinking water and place the outer cover of the purifier


Note- Although you can adjust your water TDS by your own with the help of the MTDS regulator but an expert at Doctor Fresh advisees you to get it done by the service technician. It is because sometimes while removing and fixing outer large can be difficult and leads to damage.

When Should You Use MTDS In Water Purifier?

Well, guys, this is the thing you should know because, at Doctor Fresh, we always value your hard-earned money, so why pay more when you do not need it. But many people don't know when they need an MTDS regulator in a water purifier; if you are among those who don't know when you need an MTDS regulator, then read the below-listed points

When you receive water from the different sources

If you have an RO water purifier, then you can consider MTDS as your water purifier. Because RO water eliminates up to 95% of the TDS from the water thus, sometimes the TDS level may drip then the recommended level; thus, you need an MTDS regulator in such conditions.

So, before you go for MTDS in a water purifier, ask your purifier expert you can also contact Doctor Fresh at @93-115-87716. Doctor Fresh customer care executive will help you with the perfect solution regarding your water purifier-related queries.

Although having an MTDS in a water purifier improves the taste and pH of the drinking water, thus making it perfectly suitable for consumption. So having an MTDS in a water purifier adds an extra feature that ultimately polishes your drinking water.


Usually, People get confused with MTDS and mineralization in a water purifier.

You too, cannot differentiate MTDS and Mineralization, then guys; the below-listed table will help you understand the basic difference between these two.

So let’s start 

MTDS Versus Mineralization In Water Purifier



It enables you to control the output TDS

You cannot modify the TDS output of the water

It is cost-effective or inexpensive

Comparatively more expensive

No need to replace it at a particular time

Need replacement after every 6 months to 1 year

Adds almost all minerals

Adds only a few minerals

We hope this information will help you understand the fundamental difference between MTDS and Mineralization in a water purifier.

Understanding these facts will help you buy the right purifier for your house. Sometimes people ignore these things, and as a result, they buy the wrong purifier for their house. At Doctor Fresh, we advise you to be a knowledgeable buyer and ask your queries before buying a purifier for your house.

Is MTDS in the water purifier clear, Now?

If you still have any doubt, we recommend you read the complete article carefully. And also, share this article and makes other updates with "What Is MTDS In Water Purifier”.

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