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RO Plant- Types, And Benefits 

RO has become one of the most crucial procedures to de-salinas contaminated water in water purification. Considered as an effective form of defence that eradicates any kinds of impurities from water, with the help of the advanced technology of the RO procedure, which has been adapted into a plant, it has instead become attainable to produce potable water rid of residues of harmful chemicals and sediments from the water. 

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  1. What Is RO Plant?
  1. Types Of RO Plant
  1. 1Types Of RO Plant- Based On Capacity
  1. 2Types Of RO Plant- Based On Structure
  1. Benefits Of RO Plant
  1. Conclusion

Nonetheless, if you think that is all there is to know about the RO plant, then you are wrong; as in this article, we will provide you with a thorough understanding of what an RO plant is and its verification along with the RO plant price.

What Is RO Plant?

An RO plant, or rather known as Reverse osmosis plant, is generally a significant variation of osmosis plant where the procedure of reverse osmosis comes to conclude. 

The plant oversees reverse osmosis, aiming to purify the water or desalinate the contaminated water that bears industrial sludge residues. 

The water is forcibly passed through the membrane of the RO plant making the water potable. However, the utility of the purified water does not stop here; there remain many beneficial aspects. 

  • For desalination
  • For wastewater treatment
  • For concentrating the contaminants
  • For reclaiming the dissolved minerals 

The application of reverse osmosis is best suited for the factors mentioned above. However, to make the plant operable, it will take around six kilowatts hours of electricity to purify at least one cubic meter of water. 

An average modern reverse osmosis plant will use this course of electricity; nonetheless, depending on which piece of machinery the treatment plant has installed, the whole output of the result and the input of the substances will vary, so will the RO water plant price?

Types of RO plant 

As we have already discovered what the RO plant is and what it does, it depends solely on the process and substances used in the machinery variation procedure. Depending on the reduction of energy consumption, the machine will vary. 

In other words, each machinery has a somewhat different methodology to some other form of parts that enhance the machine’s functionality. Some of the factors directed by the deviation of the machines having different features are written as follows. 

  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • The utilisation of sustainable energy sources to save electricity
  • Improving the desalination procedure so that water can be cleaned throughout
  • Including innovative methods of removal of the waste produced by water
  • Enhancing the waste management system to handle the waste 

Depending on the application’s, the Doctor Fresh RO plant machinery will be different, so will the RO plant cost change also?  What are the variations, then? Let's discuss. 

Types Of RO Plant- Based On Capacity 

1. 100 LPH RO Plant 

Generally containing features like an activated carbon filter, multi-grade filter, and reverse osmosis unit, this particular water purifier plant utilises the best technical method to clarify water with a 50% to 55% water recovery rate. This machinery has the capacity of holding 100 LPH water. 

2. 250 LPH RO Plant 

This variation of the water plat contained 0.5 HP single phase, with one set of each multimedia filter, activated carbon filter, multiport valve, antiscalant dosing system, quartz sand, granular carbon, micron cartridge system, high-pressure pump membrane housing, RO membrane and UV system, wet panel, MS/SS instruments, pressure gauge and more. It also has a dosing tank 100L making it more effective.

3. 500 LPH RO Plant 

With two sets of multiport valve and micron cartridge system, membrane housing, RO membrane, pressure gauge, this particular water purifier has one Feed Pump, HP single phase, multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, antiscalant dosing system with auto and manual electric panel each. With four types of indicators, one can easily operate the machine. 

4. 1000 LPH RO Plant 

Usually, the water purifier plant of 1000 LPG contains two sets of the multiport valve, micron cartridge system, and one set of the antiscalant dosing system, high-pressure pump, membrane housing, RO membrane, pressure switches and volt/ampere meter, along with four indicators. 

5. 2000 LPH RO Plant

With 1.5 single HP phases and two Micron Cartridge System pieces, this particular water filtering system can purify the water effortlessly. The system’s effectiveness is enhanced by including a high-pressure pump, membrane housing, RO membrane, UV system, wet panel and interconnecting pipe, and a CIP system. 

6. 3000 LPH RO Plant

Generally, this variation of purifier plant contains a Micron Cartridge System, high-pressure pump, membrane housing, RO membrane, similar to that of the 2000 LPH. Nonetheless, compared to the 2000 LPH model, all the features are placed three times more. With a 100L dosing tank and three variations of electricity panel, you will see the difference yourself. 

7. 5000 LPH RO Plant 

This water purifier variation features a feed pump, skid, multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, multiport valve, antiscalant dosing system, and four types of indicator and three variations of the electric panel. The cogency of the purifier is enhanced by the inclusion of a pressure switch and interconnecting pipe. 

Types Of RO Plant- Based On Structure 

1. Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants

Depending on which industrial ro brands in india or RO water plant you have chosen, the stringent process requirement will vary. In other words, it can be customised banking on the requirements of the customers. For example, one can have a limited amount of storage for the water. 

The machinery may come with standard pre-filters, chemical dosing systems, and antiscalant dosing; some of the customisable applications to enhance the machine’s quality are FRP membrane housings, multi-stage pumps, micron cartridge filter, glycerin filled pressure gauge, etc. 

Depending on how many and what variation of parts you have chosen to add, the RO water plant cost will be influenced. 

2. Commercial RO Systems or  Institutional RO Systems 

The commercial RO plant is one of the most used plants that come in standardised models. Like the industrial version, this one can easily be customised too. 

For example, one can choose to include Multimedia Filters and Activated carbon Filters. The inclusion of Water softeners, Antiscalant Dosing Systems, and UV sterilisers are also available. 

These systems are installed to purify the water by removing the essential salts and other forms of toxic impurities. Not only that, but the rejection of bacterial bodies has become easy too. 

Some of the other parts added to this are the Powder coated frame, micron sediment pre-filter, High-pressure pump, FRP pressure vessel, High rejection TFC membranes, etc. 

3. Containerized RO Plants 

Better suited for Off-shore applications, Armed Services Camps or Construction Sites, or Mining Operations, this particular plant purifies water by using the containerised ultrafiltration procedure. 

It has many functionalities, starting from ultrafiltration of the brackish water plants to desalination plants, from proving the containerised desalination of the water providing convenient plug-and-play salination; 

With this help, one can easily get potable water. Depending on the features added, the RO plant price list of this variation will differ from others. 

4. Mineral Water Plants or Packaged Drinking Water Plants

Due to the heavy industrialisation, it has become essential to get drinkable water. Bottled water is one of the significant components that fulfil this aim. Water treatment fields use this reverse osmosis plant which is economically and comprehensively accessible for many. 

The module can be upgraded by constituting different variations of features: a pressurised sand filter, activated carbon filter, SMBS dosing system, anti-dosing system, micron cartridge filter, high-pressure pump, and reverse osmosis system. However, the RO water plant price list will increase for the inclusion of each part.

Benefits of RO plant 

The elimination of the water-borne elements smaller than water molecules becomes easier because of the reverse osmosis process. Ridding the water from lead, arsenic, and other toxic chemicals, there are several beneficial elements of using an RO plant. Let's see what they are.

  • Elimination Of Sodium 

One of the significant benefits of using the plant despite the RO water plant price in India is that it removes the water’s sodium and other substances. The filtration system produces purified and potable water. Generally, the water’s sodium is responsible for increasing blood pressure, liver issues, and kidney complications. 

  • Elimination Of The Lead 

Apart from removing the sodium, the reverse osmosis plant removes the lead from the water. If lead is consumed at a high level, it can give rise to many health complications, including fertility issues, nerve damage, even impairment. 

  • Has Low Energy Costs 

Generally, the RO filtration system utilises less energy for operating than any other form of the water filtration plant. It will lessen the electricity consumption, lessening the expenses altogether.  

  • Space-Efficient 

Comparing other variations of water filtration machines, the RO plant requires limited space. The best thing about this filtration system is that you can opt for a machine that would fit the space you have in your house. In other words, the machinery is optimisable. Check out the RO water plant machine price in India to find an optimal one accordingly. 


Before purchasing the RO plant, we recommend checking out the water RO plant price in India on the internet to get a deal worthy of your time and money. 

RO plant brings pure & healthy water irrespective of the source of water. Having an RO plant ensures a healthy lifestyle and a disease free. An RO plant uses reverse osmosis technology, which helps eliminate all kinds of contamination present in your regularly used water.

The RO plant cost depends on features and technology available in the system. For example, here at Doctor Fresh, we have various RO plants for domestic, commercial, and industrial uses.

Buying an RO plant is tricky because of the range of RO plants in the market. So before you buy an RO plant, contact the Doctor Fresh expert and get the best device for your premises.

An industrial RO plant purifies contaminated water through a reverse osmosis process. The industrial RO plant requires different pre-treatment methods to treat the pollutants present in the water adequately.

Although there are various RO plants in the market, they are significant enough to treat the contamination present in the water. But to get the best result, you should look for those RO plants that have other technologies and reverse osmosis. 

An RO plant contains a semi-permeable with several tiny pores that trap the contaminant present in the water and only allow water molecules to move out from the water. As a result, you receive contamination-free water. This is how an RO plant works.

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