Water Cooler

Doctor Fresh provides the latest range of water coolers with a powerful and rugged compressor. These Doctor Fresh Water Coolers have faster cooling, eco-friendly, stainless steel body.

Water Cooler: The One Unit With Many Benefits

The water dispenser is used to dispense water at your preferred temperature, and you can have hot, cold or normal water dispensed at the same time. Doctor Fresh Water cooler either dispenses water from a bottle or directly from the water pipeline saving you from lifting bottles to the floors. You can find water cooler machines in offices, schools or any other place where there is a huge need for drinking water. In addition to purified water and adjusting temperature, a water cooler also have other benefits like-

  • Our Varied sized water cooler suit your specific needs
  • The water cooler bottle is environment-friendly and lowers the use of single-use plastics
  • Save energy to heat and cool water

The drinking water cooler machine comes in different volumes, such as 20 liters, 40 liters, 60 liters, 120 liters, and so on. This point-of-use Doctor Fresh water cooler filters water and stores it in their tank to dispense cold water later. A small water cooler has components such as a storage tank, refrigerating system, filter, tap, and extended tray for collecting unused water during dispensing. This Doctor Fresh water cooler needs electricity to dispense cold water and other functions.

Buy Water Cooler Online At Best Prices With Doctor Fresh

Water needs in most of our body functions; it regulates body temperature, removes toxicity from our body, gives us glowing skin and much more benefits. Understanding the role of pure water in everyone's life, Doctor Fresh offers a water cooler with RO of different types and capacities. We know the bad impacts of impure water on your body, so we have the water coolers from renowned and trial and tested technologies. Our range of water coolers are there to simplify and ease your living by offering pure and cold water.

The mini water cooler is easy to maintain and clean without the assistance of an expert serviceman. So, if you want its limitless benefits, then don't turn them off and keep them filled with water. Turn off the unit when the tank is empty to avoid any damage to the water cooler machine. Don't forget to clean the water tap, nobs, and tank clean if you want to keep the water in the purest form.

Features To Look Forward To Buying The Best Water Cooler:

  • Variable Temperature Setting Options: In the open market, some water cooler models offer hot and cold water options, whereas others have three temperature features setting as hot, cold and room temperature. Doctor Fresh hot and cold water coolers are quite popular in offices, schools, colleges and other commercial areas.
  • Loaded with self-Cleaning Feature: The self-cleaning feature in your water cooler makes your life easy. Doctor Fresh water cooler models use ozone to clean and sanitize the water cooler and water dispenser to remove germs and bacteria.
  • Spill-Proof Model: Water leakage is the most common problem that arises when you buy any water cooler model. Search for spill-proof models with features like bottle holders with leak guard technology.
  • Variable Water Flow Rate: Buying a water cooler with a good water dispensing rate is always recommended for commercial and public places.
  • The material Used in Manufacturing: Don't forget to check the material used in constructing the water cooler. Select the dispenser that features stainless, PVC or any food-grade plastic to manufacture water coolers.
  • Child And Safety Lock Feature: Go for the water cooler model that features a child lock safety to protect children and others from burning and electric shock accidents. This lock is required for either floor-mounted or wall-mounted models.
  • Must Be An Energy-Efficient Model: The most important feature you need to consider in a water cooler is its energy efficiency. The Doctor Fresh water cooler units save your money in the long run. So, before buying any water cooler model, don't forget to check the energy-efficiency rating.

Doctor Fresh is known for offering the lowest water cooler price because of their self-water cooler manufacturing units. Get water cooler 10 ltr price, water cooler 20 ltr price and all other water cooler prices as per your preference.

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