Water Chiller

A water chiller is frequently used where there is a requirement to circulate cold water into the machine or products. It can be found in food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, chemical, and various industries to cool down products. Doctor Fresh offers a range of commercial and industrial water chillers that are used in small to large-scale industries to chill the coolants. Get constant cooling, salient operation, energy efficiency, and durability in Doctor Fresh water chillers. The water chiller price must be the sum of the cooling capacity, water tank capacity, and the type of technology used in the water chiller.

Water Chiller: The Road To Choose The Best One With Multiple Features

A water chiller has been used in a variety of applications where it is required to circulate the cold water to cool any product or machine. It can be found in food and beverage industries, chemical manufacturing, or many other places where heat from the water. Choosing the right kind of chiller has a lower cooling cost, operational efficiency, and minimum downtime. Doctor Fresh water chiller range covers commercial and industrial applications, air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, and evaporative condensed chillers.

Water-cooled chillers are one of the most widely found water chillers in the industries that use water from an external tower to chill the coolant in the condenser. The water-cooled chillers are available for both small and commercial-scale cooling with a silent operation. The range of water-cooled chillers is more efficient than any other chillers as they are also available in portable solutions.

The Need And Use Of Water Chillers

Water chillers have no industrial process, and heat is the only byproduct. Using a water chiller gives you a number of benefits like constant temperature and pressure to complete the industrial process. In most water chiller models, the pumping system circulates cool water over the glycol solution to get the desired temperature. This cool fluid pulls out heat during the process, and the warm fluid is expelled back to the chiller. The process completes when the heat transfers from the chiller and does the work.

A water chiller relies on the principle of vapor compression and vapor absorption to provide a continuous flow of coolant to the cold side of a process. The water coolant is then pushed through the process, takes out heat from one area of a facility, and flows back to the other side of the process water system.

How Doctor Fresh Became The Notable Water Chiller Supplier

When it comes to water chiller manufacturers and suppliers, we have set a benchmark in offering water chillers with stainless steel tanks. Keeping in mind the requirements of valued customers, we offer water chillers that are manufactured to deliver diverse technical specifications. We deliver water chillers to our clients at the standard price and with an assured warranty.

Feature You Can Get With Our Water Chillers

  • Get an 800W cooling capacity that is enough to suit your industrial and commercial purposes?
  • We use environmental refrigerant in the water chillers
  • our best-made water chillers are compact in size, extended working life, and have simple operation easy temperature control and centrifugation system
  • The smart temperature controller has two control modes, flexible setting and display functions
  • loaded with multiple alarm functions, time-delay protection, and water flow alarm
  • get water chillers with multiple power specifications you can also choose an optional heater and water filter along with the chiller
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