Doctor Fresh 120 LPH RO Plant - Gold (RO+UV + Single Element)

Price : ₹58,000.00 /Pc

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Item Quantity
SS SKID (Horizontal Box Frame) 80-100 LPH RO Plant 1
UV 1
RWP Pump 1
Big Blue Filter 20*4.5 Spun PP 2
20*4.5 Dia Housing FRP 2
MEM Housing 40x21 FRP 1
RO Membrane 40x21 1
Flow Meter 1
Pressure Guage 1
SV 1
Automatic Control Pannel 1
Floaty 1
TDS Controller 1
Dosing Pump 1
Piping For Complete Plant 1 Set
Product Water Storage Tank (By Client)

Doctor Fresh 120 LPH RO Plant - Gold (RO+UV + Single Element)

The gold-colored Doctor Fresh 120 LPH RO Plant has RO, UV, and a single element system in a horizontal box frame. This model gives you a 120-liter pure water supply with fully automatic operation and is made with stainless steel. The 120 LPH RO Plant is an electrically operated system consists of RO and UV purification technology.

The TDS controller and smart UV lamp ensure the complete elimination of every single microbe and enable it to produce. It has a maximum duty cycle of 1200 liters per day that makes it the best match for hotels and restaurants.


  • The 120 LPH RO plant is best for offices and hotels
  • The RO+UV model is found in restaurants and schools
  • The best quality RO membrane and rapid flow meter makes it best for commercial usage
  • The TDS controller and water storage tanks make it the best choice for homes
  • Tax: 18% GST Extra
  • Installation: 10% of the product cost.
  • Warranty: 1 Year warranty on electrical parts from the date of purchase.
    Warranty Exclusion: Filters, media carbon, membranes, chemicals, and other consumables are not covered in the warranty policy.
  • Electricity supply, availability of water supply, foundation, plastic, rubber and fitting item, and other accessories required will be borne by the client.
  • Freight Charges: Extra as on actual and will be decided mutually according to RO Plant Capacity and Client location.
  • Insurance - The insurance Charge will be extra.
  • Payment: 100% advance along with purchase order.
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