Water Purifier Abbreviation

What is the full form of RO?

What Does UV stand for?

If you are not aware of these abbreviations, then read this article till the end. Here in this post, we have listed the full form of various abbreviations used in the water purifier industries. So without delaying much, let’s start discussing short forms used in water purifier industries.

Here we have tabulated some of the widely used abbreviations used in a water purifier.




Reverse osmosis


Ultra Violate


Ultra Filtration


Nano Filtration


Micro Filtration


Membrane Protector


Manually Total Dissolved Salts Controller


Total Dissolved Solids


Bureau Of Indian Standard


Effluent Treatment Plant


Sewage Treatment Plant




Litres Per Hour


Gallons Per Hour


Domestic Water Protection


Mineral Cartridge


Aqua Mineral Infuser


Taste Adjuster


Active Copper


Mineral Guard


Zero Pressure Pump


Zero Liquid Discharge


Mineral Enhancer




Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit


Forward Osmosis


Minimal Liquid Discharge

#1. RO- Full form of RO is “Reverse Osmosis”. Reverse osmosis is a widely used water purification technology that is best suitable for eliminating all kinds of contamination present in the water. This technology uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate the water contaminant from the water.

#2. UV- The full form of UV is “Ultra Violate”. With the use of UV technology, all kinds of microbial contaminants can be eliminated from the water.

#3. UF- UF's full form in the water purifier industry is “Ultra Filtration”. This is also a widely used water purification technology that separates water pollutants based on their molecular size. UF, aka Ultra Filtration technology, uses a semi-permeable membrane to eliminate contaminants from the water

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#4. NF- Full form of NF in the water purifier industry is “Nano Filtration”. NF technology separates water contaminants from the water-based on their molecular size with the help of the semi-permeable membrane.

#5. MF- The word MF in water purifier industries stands for “Micro Filtration”. It also separated water contaminants based on their molecular size with the help of the semi-permeable membrane.

#6. MP- MP full form in the water purifier industry is “Membrane Protector”. A membrane protector is used to protect the RO membrane from the hardness caused by the slats present in the water.

#7. MDTS- MTDS in water purifier is referred as the “Manual TDS regulator”. MTDS is a small device in a water purifier that helps you adjust the RO system's TDS level.

#8. TDS- In water, TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The term TDS is used to describe the inorganic slats and some concentration of organic matter present in the water. The main constituents of TDS is usually Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium cations and carbonates, hydrogen carbonate, chloride, and nitrates anions.

#9. BIS- BIS stands for Bureau Of Indian Standard. BIS has specific drinking water quality standards in India to provide safe drinking water to the people.

#10. ETP- ETP stands for Effluent Treatment Plant. It is one of the water treatment processes use to eliminate effluent of various industries. ETP is usually used in leading pharmaceutical and chemical industries to purify water.

#11. STP- STP full form is Sewage Treatment Plants. Sewage treatment is a process of removing contaminants from wastewater, mainly from household sewage. It includes physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove these contaminants present in the water.

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#12. DM- DM stands for Demineralization. Demineralization is the removal of essentially all inorganic salts present in the water by ion exchange.

#13. LPH- LPH stands for Liter Per Hour

#14. GPH- GPH full form in Gallon Per Hour

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