Doctor Fresh 2000 LPH RO Plant - Gold (RO+UV+TDS Adjuster + Iron Removal)

Price : ₹265,000.00 /Pc

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Item Quantity
TDS Adjuster 1
Membrane Two Element Housing (80*40) 2
Membrane (80*40) 2
Raw Water Pump 1
High Pressure Pump 1
Anti Dosing Pump 1
Big Blue Filter 2
Flow Meter 2
Auto Control Panel 1
Vessal FRP (14*65) 3
UV 1
Iron Removal 1
Sand As Per Requirement
Carbon As Per Requirement
20" 4.5 DIA Housing 1
Pressure Gauge 2
Low-pressure Switch 1
Piping for Complete Plant (UPVC) 1 Set

Doctor Fresh 2000 LPH RO Plant - Gold (RO+UV+TDS Adjuster + Iron Removal)

Doctor Fresh, Gold standard 2000 LPH RO Plant is made using RO and UV technology to eliminate all suspended impurities and TDS adjuster and iron removal technology to lower its Ph. It is also optional to add pre and post-filters as sand and activated carbon filters as the water quality test and the personalized requirement.

The 2000 RO plant model is made to use in industrial applications with the best in class antiscalant dosing pump. The stainless steel manufactured 2000 LPH RO plant has 2 RO membranes that cater to 2000-3000 people's water needs. Compare the best range of 2000 LPH RO plants to pick the best from the given list.

Benefits Of 2000 LPH RO Plant

  • Get continuous 2000 LPH pure water supply rate
  • The 2000 RO model is ideal for purifying 20,000 water per day
  • It can reduce suspended solids, excess salts, and total hardness
  • Choose the RO plant to remove brackish color, bad odor, and taste from raw water
  • It has a 2000 water purification capacity to be found in offices, hotels, and cafes
  • The auto on/off and leakage proof model is best for industrial use
  • Tax: 18% GST Extra
  • Installation: 10% of the product cost.
  • Warranty: 1 Year warranty on electrical parts from the date of purchase.
    Warranty Exclusion: Filters, media carbon, membranes, chemicals, and other consumables are not covered in the warranty policy.
  • Electricity supply, availability of water supply, foundation, plastic, rubber and fitting item, and other accessories required will be borne by the client.
  • Freight Charges: Extra as on actual and will be decided mutually according to RO Plant Capacity and Client location.
  • Insurance - The insurance Charge will be extra.
  • Payment: 100% advance along with purchase order.
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