Doctor Fresh - Life Protector Plus RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser

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Attribute :
  • Technology
    • RO
    • UV
    • RO+UV
    • UF
    • RO + UF
    • RO + UF + UV
    • RO + UF + UV + TDS
    • RO + UV + TDS
    • UV + UF
    • RO + UF + TDS
  • Purification Type
    • Electrical
    • Electrical & Storage
  • Capacity
    • 15 Ltr
  • Power Consumption
  • UV Lamp Power
  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Item Weight
  • Features
  • Installation Type
    • Table Top
    • Wall Mount
  • Tank Material
  • Base Color
    • White
  • No. of Stage Purification
    • 7 Stage
  • Purification Capacity (L/H*- L/M*)
    • 12 L/Hour*
  • Water Source
  • Country of Origin
  • Warranty
    • 1 Year - Electrical Parts
  • Certification
    • ISO
    • NSF
    • WAQ
Technology RO+UV+ UF+TDS Infuser
Purification Stage 7 Stage
Purification Capacity 15 L/Hour*
Storage Capacity 10 LTR
Tank Material Plastic Food Graded
Suitable for Water Source Borewell, Tanker, Municipal
Base Color Green And White
Height | Width | Depth 520 mm | 405 mm | 240 mm
Installation Type Wall Mount / Table Top
Products Certification ISO, NSF, WQA
Warranty 1 Year Onsite Warranty, 4 Year Service Warranty
ITDS controller Yes
IOT (Internet of Things) Yes
Indicators for filter change Yes
Retains Essential Minerals - Yes/No Yes
Digital Display - Yes/No Yes
Power Consumption 36 W
UV Lamp Power PHILIPS / 11 W

With RO UV UF and TDS Infuser technology, Doctor Fresh Life Protector Plus water purifier is perfect for all water sources for Indian homes and small offices. Including RO UV UF & TDS infuser, this water purifier has 7 stages for the purification process. This purifier eliminates even single molecules of dissolved impurities, bacteria, and viruses to make water 100% pure and healthy. The Doctor Fresh Life Protector Plus water purifier also restores essential minerals in the water. It also has 10 litres of plastic food graded storage tank to store pure and healthy water. Doctor Fresh Life Protector Plus RO with tds controller.

  • Based on RO UV UF & TDS Infuser technology
  • 7-stage water purification process
  • 10 litres storage tank
  • Suitable for home & offices
  • 1-year onsite warranty and 4 years of service warranty
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When raw water goes through the RO membrane, physical and soil particles are strained. But, in the case of the TDS infuser, it can automatically flush out all the subtance causing high TDS like ions and metals. So, you can get customized water quality that can be stored for a long time without any further treatments.

Life Protector Plus purifier has RO, UV, UF, and TDS infuser technology to produce pure water after 7 stage purification. Choose a Doctor Fresh water purifier and say no to water-related diseases and low TDS water. The best-in-class multi-stage filter offers you assured quality water having all essential minerals.

Filters are the essential constituents of any water purifier, whether it has RO, UV, UF, TDS, or any other filters. All these filters need to be replaced once a year as they can be more or less as per usage and the incoming water quality. When the sediment filter is used in a water purifier, it reduces the damage to further water filters.

No matter the water purifier model and brand, they all need maintenance to keep working at their full efficiency. After completion of one year, the frequency of service is a little higher as per the water pollution level and the gap between the previous repairs. Because of the high quality, durable filters, you don’t have to pay an unusual maintenance cost.

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