Water Cooler with Purifier

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RO & UV Purifier Water Cooler - India's best home appliances manufacturer presents Doctor Fresh RO and UV Purifier Water Cooler with storage capacity of 80 and 120 L

Installation Type  
Storage Capacity -
Height -
Width -
Depth -
Tank Material  
Base Color  
No. of Purification Stage 6
Capacity (L/Hour*)  
Suitable for Water Source municipal tap
Warranty 1 Year onsite warranty, 4 Year Service Warranty
Purification Certification - ISO, NSF, WAQ, ISI ISO, NSF, WQA
ITDS controller  
IOT (Internet of Things)  
Indicators for filter change Yes
Retains Essential Minerals - Yes/No  
Digital Display - Yes/No  
Advanced UV lamp  
Weight -
Power Consumption -
UV Lamp Power -
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Doctor Fresh Water Cooler with Purifier is a water purifier with an inbuilt water cooler to keep purified water chilled for hours. It has an auto switch on/off feature to prevent overflow and excess water cooling and keep power bills under budget—Order Doctor Fresh water purifier with an inbuilt water cooler for uninterrupted cold and pure water flow.

Doctor Fresh water Cooler with Purifier has the best reviews and ratings to prove why it is the best. With 80-120 litres of cold water storage capacity and RO, UV technology, Doctor Fresh Water Cooler with 6 stage cleaner is the best for large scale water needs.

First, you have checked the water quality to finalize the type of filters required in a water cooler. Always consider the amount of water you need and the type of pollutants present in the water. The Doctor Fresh water Cooler with Purifier is set to deliver the exact amount of chilled water after eliminating all suspended pollutants.

No, it doesn't need to purify water further when you have Doctor Fresh water Cooler with Purifier in the working condition. There is no need to purify or chill it further because of its self-cleaning and cooling technology. You can get an assured 1-year on-site warranty and doorstep service in case of any glitches.

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