Doctor Fresh 5000 LPH RO Plant (RO+UV+IRON Removal+TDS Infuser+PSS)

Price : ₹490,000.00 /Pc

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Item Quantity
Technology RO, UV, IRON Removal, TDS Infuser, FSS
SS Skid (Horizontal Box Frame )  1
RWP Pump 1
Vessel 16 x 65 SS 3
Sand As Per Requirement
Carbon As Per Requirement
Big Blue Filter 2
20" 4.5 DIA Housing 2
High-Pressure Pump 1
MEM Housing 8 x 80” SS 2
Flow Meter 2
Pressure Gauge 2
Low-pressure Switch & High-Pressure Switch  1
LCD Control Panel Yes
RO Membrane 80 × 40 2
Dosing Pump 1
Piping for Complete Plant (SS) 1 Set

Doctor Fresh 5000 LPH RO Plant (RO+UV+IRON Removal+TDS Infuser+PSS)

Doctor Fresh 5000 LPH RO Plant is loaded with the best in class RO, UV, iron removal, TDS infuser, and PSS technology to purify depleted water. There is an option to add sand and carbon filters per your specific requirements and lab water quality test.

The 5000 LPH RO plant is best for all water sources and can effectively remove the majority of impurities to make it portable. The RO plant is manufactured only by food-grade materials with RO and UV as the base membrane. It has auto flushing and cleaning technology to remove and suspend impurities and antiscalant chemicals that clog the RO membrane.

The Reason To Choose The Doctor Fresh 5000 LPH RO Plant

  • The 5000 LPH RO plant is made with anti-rusting stainless steel material
  • The 5000 LPH RO model cater 4000-5000 peoples water requirements daily
  • This is the best model to buy for industrial and commercial needs
  • It proves to be the best match for colleges, corporate offices, and others
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