5000 LPH RO Plant

The Doctor Fresh 5000 LPH RO PLANT is made from food grade materials and it is safe for any manufacturing and processing industries. You can get RO, UV membrane with this model and a pre-filter to eliminate all the physical impurities before going through the filter membranes. The 5000 LPH RO plant is made to deliver 5000 liters of water after 7 stage purification. Doctor Fresh not only has recent technology RO plants but they also try to keep its cost lower and make it affordable for everyone. To get the best 5000 LPH RO Water Purifier Price, call Doctor Fresh and get personalized quotes.

5000 LPH RO Plant: The Best TDS Infuser RO Plant

The Doctor Fresh 5000 LPH RO plant is made with the latest technology to be found in applications like beverage manufacturing plants, mineral water industry, and other food plants. It is loaded with a pre-filter, RO membrane, and disinfectant filter to make water 100% pure after treatment. It is made for more than 50% water recovery rate and durable uses with high-pressure pump support. The 5000 LPH RO Plant is categorized as a large-scale industrial RO plant that caters to 5000 liters of water per hour.

To meet the high water quality demand the 5000 LPH RO Plant has an RO membrane, micron filter, flow meter, pressure sand filter, and antiscalant dosing system. The RO membrane is used to remove the excess minerals and UV to disinfect the water by eliminating microbial components. The Doctor Fresh iron removal 5000 LPH RO Plant is designed with a TDS infuser system to work effectively on up to 2000 ppm water hardness.

What Are The Best Ways To Choose The Right RO Plant

Doctor Fresh is a leading RO Plant manufacturer as it has a range of commercial and industrial RO plants with RO, UV, and UF technology to treat hard water. We are focused on offering high-quality RO plants to reach the targeted goal of industries that needs pure water at a high rate. We have expertise in offering 150-10000 LPH RO plants that remove most of the suspended impurities easily and delivers the required amount of water per hour.

  • The 5000 LPH RO Plant is highly durable to offer 5000 liters of water per hour
  • The 7 stage purification technology is well enough to pull out up to 2000 ppm water hardness
  • Get your compact RO system delivered directly to your doorstep
  • We offer an extended service warranty to make it worth buying
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