Water Chiller 1-5 TR

Doctor Fresh is a well-known water chiller manufacturer and seller with improved efficiency, stable pressure, and high-performance water chillers that are better than any others. Explore a range of water chillers that is economical, portable, and advanced in features that make them suitable for multiple cooling applications. Get your energy-efficient water chiller model for a wide variety of cooling processes and needs. The 1-5 litre water chiller is designed by using quality components to make it pocket-friendly and long-lasting. The water chiller price can be more or less per the technology used and the power to chill water.

Water Chiller 1-5 LTR: The Use, Specifications And Its Maintenance

Doctor Fresh offers improved efficiency, stable pressure, and high-performance water chillers that are better than any other water cooling system. Doctor Fresh range of water chillers is economical, portable, and technologically advanced to make them suitable for multiple applications. Our water chillers proved to be an energy-efficient model for a wide variety of cooling processes and requirements. The 1-5 liter water chiller is manufactured using quality components and is available at pocket-friendly prices.

The Doctor Fresh water chillers have a hermetically closed motor compressor and the cooling water circuit, water tank, and a centrifugal pump. Stop wasting water in laboratories and other manufacturing labs where water is used as a coolant. The Doctor Fresh state of the art water chillers ensure variable cooling by using eco-friendly materials. We have different technology water chillers that can chill 1 to 60 liters of water in a single process within the low energy consumption.

How To Pick The Best Water Chiller For Variable Needs

Doctor fresh range of water chillers become the ideal solution for water cooling for home, industrial, and other specific purposes. Our range of water chillers 1-5 LTR can be delivered anywhere in India within the industry-standard range. It has 5 liters of stainless steel water tank with anti-corrosion technology and copper pipe to dispense water. One can also find the specific water chiller after analyzing the personal need and the type of usage.

Salient Features Of Doctor Fresh Water Chiller

  • The compact in design and easy to install mounted water chillers
  • Fully automatic operation with train and tested technology
  • Achieve fast chilling with the best heat exchangers
  • Available in specific designs to meet the customers need
  • Offers high amount of energy-saving with air-cooled condensers
  • Get best in class water chillers with trail and tested technology
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