Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater: The Best To Convert Solar Energy Into Renewable Energy

The solar water heater uses sun rays to heat water up to 50-70 degrees Celsius, which is the best for bathing and other household purposes. Doctor Fresh solar water heater uses solar energy to generate heat during the day and store hot water to dispense in the absence of sunlight. The Doctor Fresh range of solar water heaters has an inbuilt electric heating system to back up the process during the long power cuts.

Our solar water heater is made to convert sunlight into renewable energy to cause water heating by using a solar thermal collector. The solar water heater is a perfect gadget to save energy bills as it doesn't need any electricity to heat water in the presence of sunlight. Doctor Fresh solar water heaters are environmentally friendly and reduce carbon footprints. So, installing a solar water heater results in incredible savings and work non-stop for an extended time without any maintenance.

How Doctor Fresh Solar Water Heater Is Different From Other Brands

Doctor Fresh has a range of cost-effective, durable, and multi-purpose solar water heaters in different sizes. We use high standard machinery and precise technology to make supreme solar water heaters. Choose an economical way to generate hot water by using solar energy and save natural gas and electricity consumption. The Doctor Fresh solar water heater absorbs heat from the sun by a heat collector on the roof and converts it into heat.

The working principle of the Doctor Fresh solar water heater

When the sunlight falls on the solar collector, the water is heated up in the metal tubes and reaches the top of the insulated hot water tank, and the cold water descends to gets heated again. These two processes continue and ensure that hot water maintains its heat for a more extended period.

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