Water Ionizer For Home

Use one of the easiest ways to ionize your water by using Doctor Fresh water Ionizer for the home that raises the pH of water by splitting ions. The range of home water ionizers makes pH changes on the molecular level that retains water molecules and develops their antioxidant property. Using our home water ionizer, one can eliminate excess alkalinity and minerals from raw water to offer various health benefits. Request water Ionizer for home price and decide your budget as per the exact water needs. Get maximum after installation warranty when you prefer buying water ionizer from our online store.

Water Ionizer For Home: Mechanism And Importance 

The most common way to ionize your water at home is by using an ionizing water machine. The electric water ionizers made by Doctor Fresh use small voltages of electricity to convert the electrical charge of the water molecules. Water ionizer for home is different from water purifier as it removes contaminants from water. Water ionizers raise the pH of the water as it splits H2O ions into 2H++OH- ions. Water ionizer works on the principle of electrolysis as it has anode and cathode to split hydrogen and hydroxide ions.

The structure of the raw water is changed on the molecular level, which avails antioxidant-rich ionized alkaline, or the ionized acidic stream of water. Water ionization is similar to water electrolysis; it is the method of making a concentration of alkaline and acidic minerals by splitting the oxygen and hydrogen present in the water. The alkaline water works as an antioxidant, and the electron-rich medium is acidic water that acts as an antibacterial.

Hidden Benefits Of Water Ionizer For Home

Water ionizer for home is the best machine as it has a one-touch button to kick start the machine. Connect this water ionizer to your kitchen faucet below your sink and allow the ionized water into your stream. People talk about what exactly alkaline water is and what are the benefits of using Doctor Fresh. There are many ways to make alkaline water, but alkaline ionized water made by electrolysis is the best and has antioxidant properties due to slightly higher pH. This water is called electrolyzed reduced water when it goes through the electrolysis process inside the water ionizer.

You can separate the excess alkalinity and minerals present in tap water to make alkaline water. This home water ionizer separates the minerals in your water, letting it create water from pH 3.5 to 10.5. It allows you to make fresh antioxidant-rich higher pH drinking water for everyday use. The ionized alkalized water has various health benefits.

What To Consider While Buying A Water Ionizer For Home

  • Location of the water ionizer :- Locating a water ionizer near the source of water allows free access to alkaline water at your home. Choosing the best location for your water ionizer maximizes its efficiency and saves utility bills. The nearest place to the tap is considered the best location to install a water ionizer.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply :- It is best to ensure a constant power supply at the time of water ionizer installation. In case of power interruptions, you may face water scarcity and end up buying potable water. Choose the main water inlet to connect the water ionizer to manage the availability of water.
  • Decide your budget :- Before you look for the best home water ionizer, look for the budget you have to decide to invest in a water ionizer. For a low-cost and long-lasting water ionizer machine, try Doctor Fresh range of water ionizers suitable for the home.
  • Don't forget to check the Filters :- There are some water ionizers that have single filters, and some have dual ones. The dual filters are considered superior as they can remove impurities better than single filters. It also needs to know the cost of the filters before buying a water ionizer machine for home.
  • Check the pH range :- A high-quality pH range water ionizer is able to deliver both acidic and alkaline water and produce a negative pH value. The pH range between 4 to 11 is the best pH range when you consider a water ionizer.
  • Warranty Period :- It is important to check for the warranty provided by the company as most of the companies do not offer a proper warranty. Always buy Doctor Fresh water ionizer to get maximum after-sales warranty.

Why You Need To Choose The Doctor Fresh Water Ionizer For Home

Doctor Fresh ionizer is made to deliver pure, healthy, and pH balanced water whenever you require it. Consider buying a water ionizer that has a minimum of 5 years warranty and to minimize the utility bills. Doctor Fresh is among the best water ionizer dealers because of their proven hand and experience in manufacturing the best pH range water ionizers. 

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