How To Reduce TDS In Water

The entire water purification world is only working on bringing the newest and most effective way to reduce TDS in water. However, various methods are available in the market, but we'll discuss only a few strategies that significantly reduce the TDS in water.

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The Full Form Of TDS In Water Purifier Is Total Dissolved Solids. It Represents The Concentration Of Organic & Inorganic Salts Present In The Water. The Common Slats Found In Water Is Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, And Potassium.

Shall we discuss a few things about water TDS?

Guy, if you are searching for how to reduce TDS in water, then you already know what TDS is? But still, we'll discuss a few points about TDS and why should you minimise TDS levels in the water. And later, we will discuss our prime topic, "How To Reduce TDS In Water”.

As mentioned in the above paragraph, TDS is referred are total dissolved solids in water. Higher TDS levels in the water increase the chance of severe health issues. Yes, if you regularly consume high TDS water, you are at higher health risk.

According To The BIS And WHO, Drinking Water Should Have a Range of 500 mg/L And 300 mg/L, Respectively. But The Water Purifier Industry Is Not Agree With It. Yes, The Water Purifier Expert suggests Water Having TDS of 50 mg/L To 150 mg/L Is Best For Human Consumption.

And this leads to confusion among the people. But don't worry, the water purifier industries allow you to adjust your drinking water TDS according to your desires. Yes, with the help of the MTDS in a water purifier, you can increase or decrease the water TDS level.

Why is TDS Level In Water In Important?

As we've already discussed, TDS in water is defined as the total dissolved solids.

In other words, we can say that TDS is accumulative of essential minerals and other organic and inorganic substances.

So TDS in water is crucial as it provides essential minerals to our body.

But if the concentration of TDS in water increases, it becomes questionable. Because the higher concentration of organic or inorganic substances stats causing health issues.

Thus the government official has fixed the level of TDS in the water. According to WHO, water should have TDS of 300 mg/L, and BIS suggest drinking water should have TDS up to 500 mg/L.

But guys, the water purifier expert disagrees with this. According to various purifier experts, water should have TDS between 50 mg/L to 150 mg/L. We have discussed this in the above section as well.

Now coming back to our main topic, i.e. "How to reduce TDS in water"??

Let’s discuss some crucial ways of water TDS removal

Crucial Methods To Reduce TDS In Water

The market is flooded with various TDS removal methods, but below we'll be talking about a few crucial methods to maintain the TDS level in the water. These 3 crucial TDS reduction methods are

#1. Use Of Water Purifiers

The water purifier is one of the highly popular methods for water TDS reduction. Various brands and types of water purifiers are in the market, but not all are designed for TDS reduction.

Yes, various water purifiers are designed for various reasons, few are useful for TDS reduction like RO water purifiers, and few are designed for microbial contamination removal like UV water purifiers.

A reverse osmosis technology-based purifier uses a semi-permeable membrane having a pore size of about 0.0001 microns. Thus it eliminates all those substances having a molecular size greater than this. To know more about the RO system, click on "Reverse osmosis system".

Do you know

An RO water purifier can reduce water TDS by 90-95%. So check your drinking water and get the best RO water purifier for your house.

#2. Distillation

The distillation process neither involves water filtration nor water purification as it is a convenient method for reducing water TDS. This process is simple, but still, it needs proper set-up using equipment usually found in a chemistry laboratory.

In this process, water is placed for boiling so the vapour rises, reaches the cool surface, and condenses back to the liquid form. In this process, the dissolved salts don't vaporize; thus, they get settled in the bottom of the boiling solution. This is how the distillation process reduces TDS levels in the water.

#3. Deionisation

It is a process in which water is allowed to pass through a membrane with positive and negative electrodes. The membrane influence the positive ions to detach themselves from water and move towards the negative electrodes. The final product of this process is de-ionized.

Do you know

Deionised water is suitable for water heaters and geysers, but deionized water is not suitable for drinking purposes.

We hope to have elaborated almost everything regarding "How To Reduce TDS In Water". If you still have any doubt, do let us know below in the comment box. Doctor Fresh welcomes all your feedback and suggestions as well. And do share with your family and friends.

Why Should You Buy Best TDS Meter In India

A TDS meter helps you determine the water TDS level of your drinking water. If you're concerned about your drinking water quality, then you should have the best TDS meter at your home in India. In the above section, we have listed a few best TDS meters for your house and how you can choose the best TDS meter among a wide range.

Here in this section, we will be studying why you should buy a TDS meter in India and its crucial benefits, so don't skip this part.

Let's start discussing the benefits of having a TDS meter at home in India

Advantages Of Best TDS Meter In India

A TDS meter has various advantages; below, we've listed a few crucial benefits of having the best TDS meter at home

  • Helps in measuring water TDS level. Water having low TDS are flat in taste as it lacks proper minerals. Moreover, high TDS water is unsafe for consumption because of high contamination. With the help of the TDS meter, you can easily check your drinking water TDS, which will help you in consuming water hiving a proper TDS level
  • The plants and flowers require water having TDS 900-1000 ppm and 1000-1100 ppm, respectively. A TDS meter helps you in monitoring the water you use for watering your plants and flowers
  • With the help of the TDS meter, you can easily check the TDS of water having any source
  • The best TDS meter allows you to check the water coming out from the water purifier so that you can know is your purifier requires servicing or not
  • With the help of the TDS meter, you can maintain your fish tank water TDS; thus, the creature living inside can feel like a natural habitat

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