Which Water Purifier Is Best? RO or UV

We all know that water pollution level is increasing day by day, and that’s why we need to become more conscious of the water we are using for drinking purpose. Honestly, access to clean drinking water is becoming a true challenge with the changing time.

However, you can thank the water purifier as it is constantly getting advance and making sure we are getting clean water at our homes. Previously, it was a luxurious choice, but the situation has made it a mandatory thing for every household.

We all know that water purification technology has gone through many improvements in the last years, and currently, there are two favorites. One is RO, and the other one is a UV water purifier. 

Since the question was, which one should be known as the best water purifier, we would like to say that both have pros and cons. That is why it keeps creating confusion among consumers when planning to buy a new water purifier for their home. We would suggest you go for the right one that meets all your need and ensure a healthy living. Here, you will be given the difference between UV and Doctor Fresh RO purifier as it will help you evaluate the right choice.

RO Versus UV- Let’s Compare Them

So, are you ready?

1. Maintenance Costs And Hassles

When it comes to RO, the quality determines maintenance costs. You may not know, but a low-quality RO compromises on its filters, and that’s why it requires regular replacement and maintenance. If you have an RO purifier, you will have to go for a daily check-up for getting an effective result.

On the other hand, a good quality RO will always provide you with 100% pure water for living a healthy life, and the maintenance hassle will be less. However, for RO (a good quality one), you will have to change the filters every year to maintain the drinking water quality.

Coming to the UV water purifier, it generally functions using a UV lamp. There will be no such way to find out whether the UV lamp is working perfectly or not. Expects would recommend you change the UV lamp every year. However, some high-end UV water purifiers come up with UV alarms that will let you know when the right time arrives!


Honestly, both UV and RO purifiers have a similar maintenance cost. You may focus on buying a machine that uses good quality filters and, of course, always uses company recommended filters at the time of replacing them. It will ensure the efficiency of the water purifier.

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2. Water Wastage And Consumption

We all know that UV purifiers primary focus is to kill bacteria by passing water through UV lamps. This is the reason it results in zero wastage of water. On the other hand, a RO purifier is known for eliminating contamination in every purification stage. RO purifier goes through several purification stages to provide you with fresh water. Hence, you will notice a considerable loss of water.


Hence, RO purifiers anytime waste more water than UV purifiers. However, this wasted water might not be fit to drink, but you can use it for other house chores such as washing clothes, cleaning the house, and watering the plants. So, the choice is yours!

3. The Source Of Water

We have highlighted that RO purifiers eliminate bacteria and other contaminants, UV purifier kills microbes but can’t treat other contaminants. However, in most cases, the RO purifier uses a pre-filter to handle highly contaminated water with high TDS level. On the other hand, UV purifier does not use any pre-filter to eliminate physical impurities.


You must know that a UV purifier is excellent for killing invisible bacteria that might cross through the membranes in the RO systems, but it is not able to remove dissolved salts from your drinking water. For this purpose, you need nothing but an RO purifier.

Hence, choosing the right type of purifier for your home is tricky, and we can’t suggest you the right type of unit until we have a proper idea about your tap water quality. The right type of water purifier will solely depend on the water’s quality in your area. When you plan to buy a new water purifier, you will have to consult an expert and ask them for the right choice.

They will indeed consider factors such as contamination level, TDS level, and water supply type. Whether you are investing in an RO purifier or a UV purifier, they both are pretty good, but you will have to invest in the good one only. This is a one-time investment, so you should take the decision wisely.

The maintenance hassle can become a massive headache, and you will eventually give a lot of money to the technician. We think choosing a RO+UV purifier can do the trick! So, let’s not exaggerate, but call a professional right away.

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