Is it safe to drink water from water purifier?

Yes, the simplest answer to this question is "YES". Drinking water purifier water is completely safe for humans. 

Below we have discussed this in detail, so keep reading and share your feedback. 

You must have seen that water purifier has become pretty popular in recent times, and answering this question would be fun. Of course, drinking water from a water purifier is the best way to combat diseases. It is totally safe. We all know water contains various contaminants, and those can make us sick.

According To Various data more than 3.4 million people across the world lose their life due to drinking contaminated water. In India more than 37 million people get affected by consuming polluted water.

To stay away from those contaminants, we should opt for a water purifier. In fact, the government is taking a huge initiative and implementing new water ATMs in rural areas. People who live in rural areas can’t afford to buy a water purifier, so the desires are common there.

Now, the question is, what should be the perfect water purification process you may opt for!

Which Purifier Would Be Ideal For Your Home?

Before selecting the right purifier for your home, you will have to understand the water’s chemistry at your home. You may buy a TDS meter to check the TDS level of your water. TDS, aka total dissolved solids, are salts, minerals, and some other organic matter dissolved in water. The solid dissolved can be chloride, iron, sulfates, and other miners found on the earth’s surface. According to the TDS level, you will have to choose the right purifier for your home. If you are not able to get the right data, you may go for a Doctor Fresh RO purifier. RO purifier has gained the utmost popularity for the pure water it has provided people over the past years.

When We Compare RO Water & UV Water Purifier, It Is Evident That The RO Is A More Effective Water Purification System Than UV Water Purifier. UV Water Purifier Only Disinfect The Water And Kills Micorbes Present In Water.

Do You Know Why RO Purifiers Gaining The Utmost Popularity?

  • Having a RO purifier at your home will ensure a disease-free life. RO water generally protects us from diarrhea, jaundice, and other known diseases. These waterborne diseases are quite stubborn, and that’s why pure water helps you to stay away from them.
  • RO is the best filter when it comes to removing a large number of contaminants from your drinking water. Whether it is bacteria or virus, or chemicals, RO will remove everything and make it drinkable.
  • RO purifier is the best solution when you do not know the TDS level or what type of bacteria your purifier must combat. Many people go for RO because they want a safe and stress-free life. You may not know, but RO is pretty affordable than any other filter.

Benefits Of RO Water Purifier

Let’s now discuss some of the benefits of RO water purifier.

  • RO water does not contain any kind of lead, and that’s why the risk of high blood pressure and other kidney or liver issues is shallow.
  • When you are drinking pure water from a RO purifier, it does not contain any parasites. Water parasites such as cryptosporidium can easily get into the digestive tract and cause various stomach pain issues.
  • You must know that RO water contains no sodium, and that’s why it’s perfect for drinking purpose. If you are limited on a sodium intake diet, you will find it the right choice. Since there are no impurities in the pure water, it tastes way better, and the cooking will also be excellent!

Why Is Water Purifier Gaining Popularity?

Water pollution has increased to the next level in the recent past, and drinking polluted water leads to various waterborne diseases, which can sometimes be fatal. However, there are multiple other reasons why water purifiers have gained popularity in the recent past, but the waterborne disease is one significant reason for the same. 

Below we've listed some crucial points which will explain the importance of a water purifier-

#1. No More Waterborne Diseases

As discussed in the above section, contaminated water consumption causes waterborne diseases and adversely affects the body's immune system. A water purifier smoothly eliminates the water contaminant from the water and makes it safe for consumption. In addition, water purifiers potentially eliminate the bacteria and other microbes from the water and protect us from falling sick. 

#2. One Solution For Drinking Water

As learnt in our school, water is a natural solvent and dissolves everything. Thus, water becomes the home of various disease-causing agents, so it becomes unsafe for consumption. A water purifier can eliminate all kinds of contamination from the water, whether the contaminate is in dissolved salts or microbial form. So installation of a water purifier will bring pure water. 

#3. Affordable

With the innovation and implementation of new technology in the purifier, it has become affordable. Today everyone can buy a water purifier for their house for under 10,000. 

So, have you got the answer? If yes, you should start searching for the right one. RO is an all-rounder, and all love this fact. So, what are you still waiting for?

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