10000 LPH RO Plant

Doctor Fresh 10000 LPH RO Plant has been made from all the genuine spares to deliver continuous water supply. It has a series of pre-filters as sand and activated carbon filters along with UV, UF, and micron filters as a post filter. The 10000 liters RO filter can tackle more than normal TDS and remove suspended solids, harmful chemicals, and microbes. You never go out of water when you choose Doctor Fresh 10000 LPH RO plant because of its long-lasting spares. Before going to choose any 10000 LPH RO plant, have a look at the Doctor fresh 10000 LPH RO Water Purifier Price.

10000 LPH RO Plant: The Low Maintenance And High Yield RO System

Doctor Fresh has a qualitative assortment of 10000 LPH RO Plant by using genuine raw material and by using decent technologies. Our 10000 LPH RO Plant is suitable for all types of water purification to fulfill the quantitative demand in hotels and industries. It offers a high yield in minimum maintenance as it is made for long operational life. Doctor Fresh 10000 LPH RO Plant uses pre-filters as a sand filter, activated charcoal, filter and micron filter, and UV or UF as a post filter.

This high capacity industrial RO plant has the ability to tackle TDS level up to 10000 ppm. The 10000 LPH RO Plant is the best to remove suspended solids, harmful chemicals, and microbial presence within a single treatment. You can get a continuous supply of soft water when you choose the Doctor Fresh 10000 LPH RO plant to reduce water pollution. It is best to treat sewage and wastewater along with the desalination of brackish water.

Know The Process Involved In The 10000 LPH RO Plant

10000 LPH RO Plant is loaded with a raw water pump, sand filter, activated carbon filter, high-pressure pump, RO, UV membrane, and pure water tank. The multi-stage filtration technology works covalently to remove the excess ions from water and make it available for diverse applications. Buy Doctor Fresh 10000 LPH RO Plant to get the desired amount of pure water at the required rate.

  • Raw Water Pump- To generate the required pressure to a sand filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter- Remove color, odor, chemicals, and organic matters
  • Water Softener- With ion-exchange technology the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged to resin beads
  • RO, UV Membrane- The RO and UV membrane eliminates the excess of minerals and suspended microbes to disinfect the water
  • Pure Water Tank- The pure water tank collect the desalinized water
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