3000 LPH RO Plant

The Doctor Fresh 3000 LPH RO PLANT is one of the best industrial and commercial RO plant models as per the market trends. Keeping eye on the daily water needs, the RO plant models offer 3000 litres water supply per day. You can also add your desired filter membranes in this model as it has RO, UV, and TDS filters. The additional filter requirement depends on the type of water source and its level of pollution. Choose your RO plant as per your budget and the personalized water requirements as 3000 LPH RO Water Purifier Price is lowest at Doctor Fresh service center.

3000 LPH RO Plant: The Large Capacity RO Plant For Commercial Purpose

Doctor Fresh is the well-known RO plant manufacturer as we offer the best range of 3000 LPH RO plants manufactured with genuine spares. We believe in the customer's needs and that helps us to redesign and update the existing 3000 LPH RO plant systems. We are using quality-tested filters to improve the overall performance of the RO plant to deliver the required quantity of pure water.

These large-scale commercial RO plants are suitable for medium to extended processing industries where they need to supply uninterrupted water. Doctor Fresh water plants are made up of a dual media filter and antiscalant dosing system to make it fully automatic. The raw water is passed through the different stages of separation and filtration to remove the suspended matter.

Know The Filter Used In The 3000 LPH RO Plant And Their Specifications

The commercial range of 3000 LPH RO plants is specially made to deliver the required amount of water in hotels, corporate offices, hospitals, and other public places. It has a combination of cartridge filter and micron filter to separate suspended scums, and the cartridge filter is used to pull out organic impurities, and a UV filter to destroy living microbes.

RO membrane is used to desalt the raw water and effectively reduce the total dissolved solids. Doctor Fresh has the motive to lower the salt and total dissolved solids concentration in water and make it pure. Doctor Fresh caters multiple designs of RO plant as per the customers need and can also offer customized models on personalized requests.

Design And Features Of 3000 LPH RO Plant.

  • It is designed on the principle of reverse osmosis
  • The 3000 LPH RO plant has the industrial standard capacities
  • It has a fully automatic operation and is compact in design
  • It has a soundless operation and low water rejection technology
  • Designed to operate continuously with the same efficiency
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