150 LPH RO Plant

150 LPH RO plant can bring 150 litres of purified water per hour, and so this RO plant is suitable to fulfill the massive demand for purified water. At Doctor Fresh, we have listed a wide range of 150 LPH RO plants so you can shop the best for yourself. And At Doctor Fresh, 150 LPH RO water purifier price is reasonable and affordable, so check, compare, and buy the best 150 LPH RO plant for your premises

150 LPH RO Plant: The RO Plant Made For Small Places And Maximum Yield

Doctor Fresh offers a qualitative range of Commercial RO plants that can be used in hotels, hospitals, and small-scale industries. Our 150 LPH RO plant is fully automatic and has more than a 50% water recovery rate. It is made of heavy-duty components and can operate for 10 hours non-stop. The fully automatic RO plant needs fewer human commands and works efficiently with less maintenance. The Doctor Fresh 150 LPH RO plant is easy to operate and can work up to 1000 ppm TDS and offers more than 70% water recovery rate.

Features Of 150 LPH RO Plant

  • The 150 LPH RO plant has 7 stages of water filtration technology
  • It has a maximum purification capacity of up to 150 liters/hour and is suitable for small offices, restaurants, and homes.
  • It is also suitable for the purification of brackish, tap, and municipal water
  • All the fittings and components in the RO system prevent leakages and water wastage
  • Protection against leakages as it has auto on/off features

Why You Need To Try Doctor Fresh RO Plants

Doctor Fresh is one of the reputed RO plants suppliers in India. Here we manufacture RO plants as per the customer needs and the type of usage. When it comes to the 150 LPH RO plant, it supplies 150-liter water per hour that is enough for 300 people. You can also call us for customized RO plants with specific requirements and get updated technology RO plant system.

Doctor Fresh manufactures RO Plants by using international standard accessories and delivers durable and customized RO plants. Our RO plant system has an extended warranty and doorstep service facility to offer great peace of mind at your home comfort. We can deliver technologically advanced and customized RO plants all over the country to lift the water quality.

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