500 LPH RO Plant

500 LPH RO Plant is one of the best RO plants in case of highly contaminated water supply. It is made with the perfection to eliminate all sorts of organic and inorganic scums from water with a considerable speed. Choose the Doctor Fresh 500 LPH RO PLANT for better energy consumption and water wastage. After going through all available 500 LPH RO Water Purifier Price in the market, it is the best to have models to deliver uninterrupted pure water supply. Doctor Fresh 500 RO plant model is made from food grade material and best quality reverse osmosis membrane to retain the essential minerals in purified water.

500 LPH RO Plant: Shop Best 500 LPH RO Plant At Doctor Fresh

A 500 LPH RO Plant is mainly used to eliminate impurities and hazardous chemicals from the water through the reverse osmosis technique. This process purifies the contaminated water and produces pure water which is 100% safe and a 500 LPH RO plant is suitable for various industrial purposes.

Doctor Fresh Manufactures High-quality RO Plant Which Is Based On The Advance & Modern Technology. We Use World-class Raw Material Which Makes Our 500 LHP RO Plant Cost Effect And Efficient.

Doctor Fresh is one of the leading 500 LPH RO Plant manufacturers in the water treatment industry in India serving with the best features. Doctor Fresh manufactured 500 LPH RO Plant is useful in various types of industries such as textile, hotels, food & beverage, manufacturing factories, etc. We have been serving for a decade with complete fulfillment of demands for ISO-certified & affordable 500 LPH RO plant cost.

An RO plant 500 LPH requires periodic cleaning and maintenance to ensure system life and smooth working for a long time. It must remove excess suspended particles, impurities, and chemicals from the plant to prevent clogging of the RO membrane.

Doctor Fresh 500 LPH RO Water Plants

We are expertise in offering an exclusive range of Industrial RO Water Plants to the market and are widely used in different sectors. You can check our official website to find out an exclusive range of RO water plant machine prices in India. The 500 liter RO plant price is available in various ranges with exclusive designs, performance, and long service life.

A 500 LPH RO Plant makes water pure and safe for drinking by removes 99.9% of impurities from water. The filter components of the 500 LPH RO plants are made up of certified reverse osmosis membrane and food-grade material. The 500 LPH RO Plant price is affordable and along with this it also comes up with 12 months warranty against manufacturing.

Benefits Of 500 LPH RO Plant

A RO Plant can easily remove all the impurities and other harmful particles such as lead, arsenic, and other toxic chemicals from the water with the help of the reverse osmosis process.

  • Provides Purified Water Free of Sodium & Lead

The most significant RO plant is that it fully removes sodium, lead, and other toxic substance from the water and produces purified water. These substances are very harmful to our health and cause serious diseases.

  • Low Energy Consumption

RO plant 500 LPH price is popular for using less energy for their operation than any other water filtration plant. It ultimately saves electricity and reduces the overall expenses at the same time.

  • Portable & Requires Very Little Space

An RO plant is space-efficient as it requires very little space than other water filtration systems. You can choose the machine as per your size requirement.

  • The Taste of Water Becomes Better

 The 500 LPH RO plant removes impurities resulting in better taste and pure water with the help of the reverse osmosis process.


The use of 500 LPH RO plant is set to increase across industries in India. 500 LPH RO plant price is cost-effective, affordable, and user-friendly. It is more efficient and requires low maintenance. A 500 LPH RO plant comes up with the most affordable and competitive prices providing customized systems to meet commercial and industrial needs. We recommend our customers to check out our website for the 500 liter RO plant price before purchasing the RO plant and get a deal worthy of your money and time.

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