Portable Water Purifier

Get Clean Drinking Water On The Go With A Portable Water Purifier. This Is A Lightweight RO Water Purifiers That Provide You Best Drinking Water During The Camping Or Travel.

Portable Water Purifier: No More Packaged Drinking Water

One should protect themself to drink water from unreliable sources when there is a number of portable water purifiers available at Doctor Fresh. If you are looking for a portable and affordable solution to purify your drinking water on the go, then a Portable RO water purifier is all you need.

This water purifier provides you with potable water while on the move or going out of the station. Portable water purifiers are an asset for those who love exploring the outdoors or traveling to a place with poor water quality. It is a perfect water purifying system for drinking clean water during travel. 

Here Are The Benefits To Use A Portable Water Purifier

Benefits you can get from Portable Water Purifiers are 

  • Get pure and absolutely clean drinking water on the go
  • It can save the money that you are spending on buying packaged water
  • You can save the environment by cutting the use of plastic water bottles
  • The portable water purifier can also be used in remote areas where drinking water is not of considerable quality
  • It neglects the need to carry water bottles while traveling
  • The portable water purifier can be easily carried by hand or inside a bag.

Things You Should Consider While Shopping For Portable Water Purifier

#1. Weight Of The Purifier- A heavy portable uv water purifier is uncomfortable to carry when you travel. So take weight into consideration at the time of buying a portable water purifier india

#2. Filtration Speed- Every portable water purifier has a specific water filtration speed. Thus you need to choose a water purifier that can filter water quickly and matches your need

#3. Filter Capacity- All the water filter has a limited life span as some can last up to years, and some might last only a few months. So, you have to consider the long-lasting filter that gives you hassle-free service for an extended period of time

#4. Easy To Use- The portable water purifier and travel water purifier must be small, compact, and easy to use. You must have the proper knowledge about its working, cleaning, and others to handle it properly

Top Doctor Fresh Portable Water Purifier

Best Water Purifiers List Purification Technology Price
Doctor Fresh - Life Essential Ceramic Dome / Carbon / Mineral Cartridge ₹ 2750/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Go Carbon + Alkaline Media ₹ 1750/-
Doctor Fresh - Life Jug Carbon + Alkaline Media ₹ 2750/-
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