UV UF Water Purifier

UV UF water purifier is suitable for the elimination of bacterial and larger sized suspended contamination. Shop best UV+UF water purifier at best price

Buy Best UV UF Water Purifier For Your Home At Doctor Fresh

A UV UF water purifier is best for those houses that receive water with more microbial contamination with mild TDS. If you are looking for the best UV UF water purifier, then you are at the right place as we are India’s best water purifier manufacturer and distributor.

We manufacture top-quality water purifiers. Our manufactured water purifier has gained the trust of many people across the nation, which is why we have emerged as one of the best UV UF water purifier manufacturers and distributors.

What Is A UV UF Water Purifier?

A UV UF water purifier offers a dual punch to the water impurities and makes sure to bring 100% clean and clear water for consumption. This is an advanced water purifier made up of a combination of Ultraviolet rays and Ultra-Filtration purification technology.

Water undergoes various purification stages in this water purifier in which bacteria, viruses, germs, and various other microbes are killed, and dissolved salts and other large molecules are eliminated from the water. At Doctor Fresh, we manufacture world-class UV UF water purifiers based on advanced technology. Its raw parts are of high quality, making the Doctor Fresh UV UF water purifier long-lasting and durable.

How Does It work?

The UV technology used in UV UF water purifiers treats microbes and destroys their genetic material thus microbes lose their ability to grow and reproduce. Consequently, water becomes safe for microbial contamination. The UF membrane used in the UV UF water purifier is used to eliminate the TDS from water. A UF membrane eliminates larger size molecules from the water and makes the water free from dissolved TDS. The UF membrane is semi-permeable, and it has several tiny pores of 0.01 micron; thus, it only eliminates those impurities from the water whose pore size is more than 0.01 micron.

Impurities Eliminated By UF UV Water Purifier

Impurities Eliminated By UV Technology

Impurities Eliminated By UF Technology





Dysentery Bacilli




Mycobacterium tuberculosis




Hepatitis B






Note- Along with these impurities, UV UF water purifiers also eliminate arsenic, chloride, copper, fluoride, lead, mercury, and others.

Some Extra Benefits Of UV UF Water Purifier

A UV UF technology-based water purifier UV UF has several benefits, and here we have listed some of the most crucial advantages of having a UV and UF water purifier and these are

  • Chemical Disinfection Of Water- UV technology used in the UV + UF water purifier disinfects the water without the use of chemicals. Usually, chlorine is used as a disinfecting agent in municipal water purification
  • Remove Unpleasant Odor From Water- Usually, water is tasteless, but it is some impurities that add some unpleasant smell to the water, but UV UF water purifier punches out those impurities from the water and makes it suitable for drinking
  • Less Or No Wastage Of Water- Yes, this form of water purifier do not produce wastewater; thus, it is good for the environment too
  • Requires Low Maintenance- UV+UF water purifier does not require regular maintenance as at Doctor Fresh, we manufacturer top quality water purifier which is based on top quality raw material, which makes this water purifier long-lasting and durable
  • Protect You Against Waterborne Disease- A UV UF water purifier provides you double protection against waterborne disease and keeps you safe from various kinds of fatal diseases

Why You Should Buy Doctor Fresh UV UF Water Purifier For Home

Our water purifiers are beautifully designed, and it is suitable for almost all your house needs. We always bring advanced and latest technology-based water purifiers which are low in maintenance and higher in productivity and efficiency. So if you are looking for the best water purifier for home then our manufactured water purifier can be best.

Doctor Fresh also enables you to customize your water purifier according to your need and budget, a unique concept and loved by people across India. Here we also allow you to compare various UV UF water purifier price to choose the best among them at the lowest price.

At Doctor Fresh, we also promise to provide world-class pre and post-sales services at your doorstep, ensuring hassle-free and satisfactory installation and regular maintenance services. These advantages make us the best emerging water purifier manufacturer and distributor in India.

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