Water is a vital element for everyday survival for humans, as we can’t survive without having a pure water source. Water pollution is not a concern and it should be shorted out with the different types of water purifier models. A number of waterborne diseases can appear due to the presence of bacteria, microbes, and various other impurities in water. If you wish to tackle all sorts of suspended pollutants in water, install a water purifier under sink to supply purified water all over the home. The Doctor Fresh under sink water purifier is the perfect match for your modular kitchen because it can be easily installed under the sink of the kitchen.

What Are The Possible Perks Of Having An RO Installed?

Water is a vital part of the entire process of living for every human, and other living organisms cannot be left contaminated on the face of Earth. Water is responsible for various functions of the body. It acts as an active participant in keeping the body and mind in a sound state. Unfortunately, we live in an era where water pollution is not a big deal. Many reports suggest that many humans face the deadly hug of waterborne diseases caused due to the presence of bacteria, fungus, protozoa, and various other impurities. India is among the leading countries to have increasing cases of waterborne deaths.

Resultantly, it is advisable to get your home the goodness of RO water purifiers and keep your family safe from all the diseases. Many homes are transforming their livelihood into a modular setup. They are choosing modular kitchens over traditional ones. The water purifier under sink is becoming more desirable for compact homes these days. This saves a lot of space and keeps the kitchen cleaner.

What is RO Water Purifier?

Water purifiers are a vital part of each household. RO purifiers are most widely accepted and used. These purifiers are great for places with high amounts of Total Dissolved Solids or TDS. This is the most advanced technology used among the available water purification techniques. A RO purifier works on Reverse Osmosis technology where the water flows through a semi-permeable membrane. It purifies the water by filtering out all the impurities. With the advancement of technology, traditional homes are opting for under the sink water purifier, which saves a lot of space in the newly set up modular kitchens.

Why choose Under the Sink RO System?

The under sink water purifier is a purifier that is installed under the sink or counter or, in simpler terms, beneath the kitchen sink, resulting in saving the extra space for other chores. At Doctor Fresh, we understand that selecting a purifier is tedious when you are not fully aware of the technology. In this article, we will look at some of the good sides of under counter water purifiers and how they act as a useful means for your home. In addition, the place of installation makes the entire process unique and safe. Having an under sink RO water purifier can have many advantages. Here are some of them listed below.

  • Miscellaneous benefits: It can be used as a suitable option for connecting with water dispenser taps and the refrigerator
  • The floor remains clean: The placement of the under sink purifier is its biggest advantage. You don’t have to worry about water spills on the floor. It comes with a convenient and high curved tap that gets fitted right next to the main faucet. To fill the water, you need to keep the bottle on the sink and open the faucet, unlike wall-mounted purifiers, where you have to be careful, or the water might spill on the floor
  • Keep the kitchen trendy: At Doctor Fresh, we believe that evolving is a continuous process, and with that, our homes are evolving. Keeping the purifier under the sink will make the kitchen look clean and crisp without the visibility of the purifier outside. In addition, the sink door remains covered with a door making the entire look more classy. These kitchen water purifiers are designed specially to get along the ambiance of your home and kitchen
  • Gift yourself the goodness of speed: The wall-mounted purifiers, the water output is very slow as purified water from storage tanks moves upwards through gravity, making it a slower process. Contrarily, under sink RO,  the water is stored in a hydrostatic air pressure bladder tank. Due to which the water is purified at a faster rate, the output is faster. It can produce up to one litre of water in fifteen to thirty seconds
  • Less space consumption: The water purifier in modular kitchen occupies very little space making it a convenient option.

Some Of The Disadvantages

As much as it is true that water purifiers in the kitchen have many advantages, we can not deny that everything comes with disadvantages. Here are some of the under sink water purifier disadvantages listed below.

It might be difficult for people with backaches to fill water from the under-sink purifier.

  • Without proper installation, there are chances of water leakages in under counter RO system. Are you facing an issue? Contact the technicians from Doctor Fresh now
  • Keeping the sink clean and dry is a must to avoid any electric mishap with the socket
  • Extra faucet expense is added with this type of purifier. You will be spending extra money on the faucet.

Ending note

Although under sink water purifiers India is gaining popularity at a faster rate. It is important to keep in mind that not many people are aware of the functioning of this device properly. With the great advantage of saving space for modular homes, these purifiers win hearts. It requires minimum maintenance; hence it is another plus point. At Doctor Fresh, we believe in providing the best to our customers.

However, it is also crucial for the consumer to maintain hygiene and get it checked whenever required to increase its longevity. 

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