RO UV Water Purifier

RO UV water purifier eliminates all kinds of water impurities. Buy the best RO+UV water purifier online at an affordable price in India.

RO UV Water Purifier- Complete Solution For All Kinds Of Impurities

If you are worried about your drinking water quality and confused in selecting the best water purifier for your house, then, without thinking much, install an RO UV water purifier. Well, a RO UV water purifier is suitable for all kinds of water contamination and water source.

A Water Purifier Containing Both RO & UV Technology Offers A Double Punch To The Contamination Present In The Water.

An RO technology used in RO UV water purifier punches out all kinds of chemical or dissolved organic and inorganic substances from the water. In contrast, UV technology used in RO UV water purifiers eliminates the microbial contamination present in the water thus these technologies-based water purifiers are suitable for all your water sources and pollutants in water.

At Doctor Fresh, we manufacture top quality RO UV water purifiers which fulfil all your acceptance regarding best water purifier for home. Along with RO and UV technology, we also enable you to add on a few other technologies such as  UV technology, TDS controller, or another filter according to your need. This facility helps you to get the best water purifier ro uv tds at the best and affordable price.

Why RO And UV Water Purifiers Important?

As we have mentioned in the above section, a RO UV water purifier is the best option for those houses with multiple contamination kinds. If your house regularly receives water having microbial and TDS contamination, then only RO UV technology-based water purifier can help you get clean and pure water for drinking. An RO technology contains a semi-permeable membrane that has several tiny pores. These pores act as sieves and prevent the passage of molecules with larger molecular sizes, Yes the size of the tiny pore is nearly 0.005 microns, and it can eliminate up to 10,000 to 14,000 times smaller-sized particles than a human hair (50-70 micron).

The presence of UV technology ensures that your purified water is 100% safe against microbial contamination. As UV rays have high penetration power, they can easily penetrate the microbial cells and destroy their genetic material; thus, the microbes lose their ability to grow and reproduce. But this technology is only suitable for eliminating microbial contaminants, and it doesn't treat other impurities present in water.

Impurities Eliminated By RO UV Water Purifier?

Impurities eliminated by RO UV water are







Herbicides & Pesticides



Dysentery Bacilli


Mycobacterium tuberculosis



Hepatitis B



Some Virus



Some Parasite

Unpleasant odour

Benefits Of RO UV Water

This ro+uv+tds water purifier has various advantages, and it is hard to list all those advantages; thus, here we have listed only a few, but crucial benefits of having an RO UV water purifier at home, and these benefits are

  1. It removes harmful dissolved contaminant from water
  2. Remove heavy metals, unpleasant odour
  3. Provide dual punch to the water impurities
  4. It is environmental friendly
  5. This form of water purifier doesn't require high maintenance

Why Should You Buy RO UV Water Purifier At Doctor Fresh?

Doctor Fresh is one of the largest water purifier manufacturers, and in the recent past, it has emerged as the best-selling water purifier brand in India. Our manufactured water purifier ro uv tds price is based on the latest technology and contains a world-class raw material that makes our product mind-blowing and long-lasting. We not only world-class water purifiers but also take care of the price and pre and post-sales services. An expert professional has created our product price list; thus, our RO UV water purifier price is best according to the market standard.

These days with the development of technology, shopping has changed drastically, and now people shop online from their houses only. At Doctor Fresh, we understand this, thus offering you the best online shopping experience ever. Here we enable you to compare different RO UV water purifier models so that you can buy the best product at the best price for your home.

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