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Gravity based water purifier means water gets filtered by the natural process called gravity. Buy the best 5 stage gravity water purifier in PAN India.

Gravity Water Purifier- Shop Top Quality Purifier At Doctor Fresh

Looking for a Gravity based water purifier for your home? Here we have listed a wide range of Gravity based water purifiers; so, you can shop the best Gravity based water purifier for your home and enjoy the best deal on gravity based water purifier in India.

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How Does A Gravity Water Purifier Work?

A Gravity based water purifier doesn't require electricity. And instead, a gravity water purifier uses gravitational force, and the technology a gravity water purifier uses is UF or activated carbon. UF is one of the advanced water purification technology that contains many hollow fibers of a semipermeable membrane.

When water passes through this hollow fiber, the impurities stick to it. As a result, clean and clear water comes out from it. An activated carbon filter comprises small-sized carbon granules that absorb water contaminant when water passes through the activated carbon filter.

What is gravity based water purifier?

A Gravity water purifier eliminates water impurities with the help of gravitational force. Thus it does not need electricity to get operated. Thus, a Gravity-based water purifier is the best option for those areas where electricity is not always available or power cut is frequent.

Benefits Of Gravity Based Water Purifier For Home In India

A Gravity based water purifier in India possess various pros, but here we have listed only the most crucial benefits of buying a gravity water purifier in India

  • This form of water purifier is simple and very functional
  • It is effective and efficient
  • Available is various sizes so you can choose the best Gravity based water purifier according to your need
  • A Gravity based water purifier does not require electricity
  • A gravity water purifier can be placed anywhere at home, even on the table or countertop

Note- A Gravity based water purifier means pure water even without electricity. Yes, because a Gravity based water purifier does not require electricity as it works on gravitational force.

Why Should Buy Gravity Water Purifier From Doctor Fresh

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Understand The Goodness of Water Purification

In a world full of pollution and impurities, water purifiers have successfully played and have been playing a great role in our life. Water is a crucial part of our livelihood. We need water for survival and to have clean and fresh water is a blessing. The traditional water purification method was done by the non electric water purifier or simply by traditionally boiling the water. It is extremely necessary to treat the water before consumption.

Water being the natural solvent, can absorb many harmful agents that may cause waterborne diseases. You must be wondering what could be the best way to treat the water and make it more consumable? In this article, we will look at some of the methods used for water purification. Keep reading to enlighten your soul and mind.

What Is A Gravity-Based Water Purifier?

A gravity-based water purifier or a water purifier without electricity are some of the best inventions for purifying water from sources like tap water or municipal corporation. It provides clean water by removing bacteria, viruses. It is easy to install and requires the least maintenance. They need no electricity for cleansing the water, and it is suitable for places with low Total Dissolved Solids or TDS.

A purifier with no electricity needs to work on activated carbon filters and Ultrafiltration technology. The Carbon Filter absorbs the impurities of the water, and the Ultrafiltration membrane attracts the impurities while the water passes through it. Choosing the best non electric water purifier could be a cakewalk with so many available options in the market. Therefore, it is made by keeping in mind the budget of the common masses.

Why Do We Need Non-Electric Water Purifier From Doctor Fresh?

A water purifier non electric from Doctor Fresh is made specifically to cater to the needs of a huge spectrum of the population. It is specially designed to remove all the water contaminants with its advanced seven-stage technology. It can store water up to 10 litres. The technology used for water purification is Reverse Osmosis.  The filter is made with a ceramic diatomic substance with a tiny, porous structure which is 0.2 micron, that filters out all the bacteria.

Doctor Fresh has kept in mind the price factor. The non electric water purifier price is decided by keeping in mind the economic condition of the population at an average. It is an affordable means of water purification. It roughly ranges from Rs.1500 to Rs.3000, which could be affordable for a huge spectrum of the population.

Additionally, it provides the following, some of which are listed below.

  • Its portability is the biggest advantage. You can carry it anywhere
  • Provides clean and improved taste of water
  • Maintains natural minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium in natural levels
  • Great way to improve the overall health of the body

Are you satisfied with goodness? You must be wondering that finding the best water purifier without electricity would be a great deal. Actually no. You can find them online at the website of  Doctor Fresh, or you may look for them offline at the stores near you.

Some Of The Non-Electric Methods Of Water Purification

  1. Hold hands of technology:  This is not the non-electric method of water purification, but this cannot de denied. It created a huge impact on the lives of so many people. Suppose you can spend a bit more and get the best of technology. Get yourself a purifier with the goodness of Reverse Osmosis purifiers. The price of these purifiers will be more than the water purifier non electric price, but you will get additional benefits. These purifiers are best suited for places with a high total Dissolved Solids.
  2. Portable water purifiers: Water purifiers are most trusted in purification techniques. It cleans the water by removing bacteria, viruses, and germs. The portable purifiers are best suited for places with lower amounts of Total dissolved Solids. The portable purifiers are the cheaper version of the electric purifiers. The water purifier without electricity price list could be found easily over the internet.
  3. Tap water purifier: This method is used by many people around India and also globally to have a healthy way of drinking water. Doctor Fresh provides a wide range of tap water purifiers that can be directly attached to the tap without any electricity and get the best results. Best suitable for borewell, tanker, and municipal tap. A portable and economical option.  This could be seen as the best non electric water purifier in India without second thought.
  4. Boil it up! : The most common and traditional method of purifying water is boiling it up. It is a simple method without any need for machinery or added instruments. The high temperature will take charge of removing the bacterias and viruses and also remove the impurities. Although it removes the impurities from the water, they settle down at the bottom, making sure to strain the water before consumption.


Water purification is a crucial method to lead a healthy life, free from diseases. Hence, it is crucial to get home the goodness of purifiers and choose the best. Contact Doctor Fresh for installing the best RO water purifier without electricity at your home.

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