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In 2022, we can't deny the importance of clean and healthy drinking water. And for pure drinking water, you should have a TDS meter at your house.

Yes, it is because a TDS meter will help you determine the water TDS level. Thus you can consume pure water and live a healthy lifestyle. Well, read this to check the water TDS level at home.

Although in 2022, there are various other methods for determining the water TDS level, the easiest way is with the help of the TDS meter. Here in this post, we'll list a few best TDS meters you can consider buying in 2022.

List Of Best TDS Meter In India 2022- With Discounted Price

Product Name

Original Price

Discounted Price


Konvio Neer

Rs. 699/-

Rs. 299/-



Rs. 499/-

Rs. 299/-


Ocean Star

Rs. 1,299/-

Rs. 749/-


Glun Pre-Calibrated

Rs. 999/-

Rs. 129/-



Rs. 1.999/-

Rs. 240/-


The above TDS meter listed in the table is available at a big discounted price. Buying these water TDS meters will help you determine the TDS level of the drinking water.

Now let's discuss them in detail

Best TDS Meter In India 2022

#1. Konvio Neer Imported TDS Meter  

This battery-powered white color TDS meter is made up of plastic material. The Konvio Neer manufactured TDS meter uses an intelligent detection chip that can easily read the water TDS level and display it on the digital screen of the TDS meter within a few seconds

Konvio Neer TDS Meter Features

  • Ideal for measuring water TDS level of drinking water, Aquarium, RO system, Hydroponics pool, etc
  • It contains high-quality titanium alloy probes and trusted automatic temperature compensation, which ensures accurate readings even after various temperature
  • This TDS meter is equipped with an intelligent detection chip, which measures the TDS and displays it within a few seconds on the TDS meter digital screen

#2. Octus Digital TDS Meter

An Octus digital TDS meter is an ideal device for measuring households, swimming pools, Aquariums, and Hydroponics TDS. This digital TDS meter brings accurate TDS levels of the water and measures the temperature.

Octus Digital TDS Meter Features

  • Brings accurate TDS reading within a few seconds
  • Easy to use, uncap the TDS meter and stick it in about 1 inch of water and get an instant reading
  • It comes with an auto-off function. The Octus digital TDS meter shuts off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity; thus, it saves battery life

#3. Ocean Star

Ocean Star Technologies manufactures this detailed TDS meter. It brings the water TDS level within a few seconds only. The Ocean Star TDS meter comes with pH, which helps measure the water pH and TDS both. Ocean Star Technologies manufactured TDS meter can also determine the temperature.

Ocean Star TDS Meter Features

  • Perfect for measuring drinking water, Swimming pool, Aquarium, hydroponics, or hydrotherapy TDS
  • The anti-rust, anti-corrosive, and high precision sensor always ensure an accurate result
  • Along with water TDS, you can also measure the temperature of the water

#4. Glun Pre-Calibrated

This digital TDS meter is designed and manufactured by Glun. It is made of plastic material and can measure the TDS up to 990 ppm. Having a Glun TDS meter at home ensures drinking and healthy water.

Glun Pre-Calibrated TDS Meter Feature

  • It always brings accurate results with +/- 2%
  • Easy to use and bring results in few seconds only
  • Always ensure clean drinking water

#5. Ampereus Digital TDS Meter

Ampereus TDS meter helps you consume pure and contamination-free water when you wish to drink water. This digital TDS meter measures and displays the TDS value on the digital screen within seconds.

Ampereus Digital TDS Meter Feature

  • This TDS meter can be used in water purifiers and filters, food drink quality monitoring, pools, Aquarium, and others
  • It brings results in a few seconds only. It also comes with a built-in digital thermometer for temperature
  • This comes with a battery-saving mode. It automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of inactivity

In the above section, we've tabulated the best TDS meter in India with its price. Below, we'll discuss how you can choose the best TDS meter in India.

Although our research team has done their study and then only brought the 5 best TDS meters in India. But one of the biggest concerns is how you can choose the right TDS meter for your home in India. Thus below, we've listed some of the crucial things you should consider while having a TDS meter in India. So, let's get started

How To Choose The Best TDS Meter In India?

To help you purchase the best TDS meter in India, we've listed a few crucial factors below, and considering these factors will help you buy the best TDS meter in India. To find these are

#1. Pre-calibrated- A pre-calibrated TDS meter helps you more comfortable to operate and reduces the hassle of calibrating the TDS meter to obtain an accurate rating

#2. Battery- Check for the automatic shut-down function. This ensures your TDS meter will last longer, thus making it cost-effective

#3. Technology- a latest technology-based TDS meter helps you in determining accurate results

#4. Suitable for the purposes- before you purchase a TDS meter, do clear your purposes. This will help you in getting a desirable TDS meter in India

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