What Is UV In Water Purifier & How Effective It Is Against Water Impurities

UV in water purifiers is quite popular in India after reverse osmosis. Here in this article, we will be discussing UV in water purifiers in detail, so keep reading this article.

Here in this article, we will be elaborating on what is UV in water purifiers, how it works and, why UV is quite popular in the water purifier industry. However, before we start the details discussion, let's talk about a water purifier.

A water Purifier Is An Advance Device For Water Purification Which Effectively Eliminates The Contamination Present In The Water. Having A Water Purifier Ensure Clean & Filtered Drinking Water Irrespective To The Water Source.

Indian market is flooded with diverse water purifier, and the quite popular one is reverse osmosis technology and UV technology-based purifier. And as this article is all about UV in water purifiers, we will explain only UV.

To know more about RO in water purifiers, read our article reverse osmosis system. This article elaborates on all the details about the reverse osmosis system. However, you can also check our wide range of RO water purifiers.

Shall we start UV in the water purifier?

Guy, there are multiple things to consider about water purifiers like What is MTDS in water purifiers, what is UF in water purifiers, and what is MF in a water purifier. But if we start addressing all of these in one article, this post will become lengthy.

So, keeping this article short, consider UV in a water purifier.

UV in water purifier stands for Ultra violate rays with high penetration power; thus, it beneath the germs cells and either kills them or suspends their growth. Thus eliminating the microbial contamination present in the water.

A UV technology-based water purifier is used for eliminating microbial contamination only because an Ultra violates rays-based purifier doesn't deal with TDS or another form of water pollutant. So this is the basic elaboration of UV in a water purifier.

Now, talk about its working and its importance

How Does A UV Technology Based Water Purifier Work?

A UV light illuminating bulb is used in a UV-based purifier, which flawlessly irradiates UV light; when the water passes through the UV chamber, the viruses, bacteria, and other microbes are exposed to the UV light.

With enough energy, UV radiation at 254 nm wavelengths destroys the genetic material of the micro-organisms; thus, microbes lose their ability to reproduce and grow. This results in no microbial contamination in the water.

This is how a UV technology-based purifier works. Now let's talk about the contamination is removed from the water.


Dysentery Bacilli

E. Coli

Hepatitis B





We hope now UV in water purifier is clearly understood. However, if you still have any issues, you can consult the expert at Doctor Fresh to get more in-depth about UV technology-based purifiers. And please share your article with your family and friends.

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