What Is UF In Water Purifier?

The full form of UF in water purifier is Ultra Filtration. And it is a water purification technology that is specially designed for eliminating the contamination present in the water. However, different water purification technology is available in India, but RO, UV, and UF are the most popular and widely accepted.

If you are unaware of these technologies, then don't worry here; you will get information about these technologies. Click on RO water purifier & UV water purifier to know about these two. And read this article till the end to learn more about the UF water purifier.

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  1. What Is UF Technology?
  2. Best UF Technology Based Water Purifier

Yes, here in this article, we will discuss UF in water purifiers and a few best UF water purifiers available in the Indian market. And how you can choose the best UF water purifier for your house.

Later we will be discussing how UF water purifier is different from RO water purifier and MF water purifier.

Do you know what is MF in a water purifier? Click on the MF in the water purifier and read about it in detail.

Now coming back to our main topic, i.e., UF in a water purifier.

Let’s discuss what is UF in a water purifier in detail. So keep reading it till the end and do check the list of best UF water purifiers you can use at home.

What is UF Technology?

In a water purifier, UF stands for Ultra-filtration. It is a membrane-based technology that is used to purify water. This technology-based water purifier doesn't require electricity for operation, and it can work properly with the normal tap water pressure. In addition, the UF in a water purifier can eliminate larger molecules of bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

In the above section, we have discussed what UF is in a water purifier? Now let's discuss the working of the UF water purifier.

The UF technology-based purifier is similar in function with RO technology-based purifier, but these two have a significant difference, and that is nothing but the pore size of the membrane used in these technologies. The UF membrane used in the water purifier has a pore size of 0.01 µm.

When the water passes through the UF membrane, the membrane doesn't allow the molecules to have a molecular size higher than 0.01 µm. Thus it brings crystal clear water for consumption.

In the above paragraph, we have deeply elaborated on UF basics in a water purifier. If you still have any doubt, then contact us @93-115-87716. The executive available here will guide you with all the basic concepts about the UF in a water purifier.

Now let’s talk about the best UF-based water purifier.

Best UF Technology-Based Water Purifier

We are at Doctor Fresh consistently manufacture customized water cleaners to bring the purest water for consumption. Here below, we have listed a few top-rated UF-based purifiers so that you can buy them for your house.

Product Name




Life Star


Rs. 8,000/-


Life Protector Plus

RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser

Rs. 13,500


LifeGuard Plus


Rs. 15,500/-


#1. Life Star Purifier

This purifier provides double protection against water impurities. The UF technology eliminates the dissolved impurities, whereas the UV technology disinfects the water and makes it safe for consumption. This purifier is safe for those houses where the regular drinking water has moderate dissolved impurities and higher microbial contamination.

Life Star Water Purifier Features

  • Based on UV & UF technology
  • Having 5 stages for water purification
  • It has 10 ltr water storage water tank made up of Plastic Food Graded material

#2. Life Protector Plus

It is specially designed for all sources of water. The RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser available in this purifier eliminates all kinds of contamination present in the water and improves the drinking water's taste. The Life Protector Plus purifier features make it one of the must-have products for all the house.

Life Protector Plus Purifier Features

  • Contains 7 stages for purification
  • Having 10 ltr of water storage tank
  • The purification capacity of this purifier is 15 L/hour

#3. Life Guard Plus

This is the best purifier for a home, especially in 2022. It is based on RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser+ME+AS technology which is best in eliminating contamination and improving the mineral content of the water. Moreover, doctor Fresh Life Guard Plus purifier ensures purity in every drop of water; thus, you can drink without thinking much about the water quality.

LifeGuard Plus Water Purifier Features

  • 10-liter storage tank
  • 9 stages for water purification, including RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser+ME+AS
  • Suitable for all your water sources

Doctor Fresh has manufactured various UF water purifiers so you can choose the best desirable purifier for your home. Click on the UF water purifier to buy the UF technology-based purifier for your domestic needs. 

What Are The Benefits Of UF Water Purifier

Well, we are aware of water purifier advantages, right?

Without a water purifier inside a house, we can't drink pure water because a water purifier is the only accepted method for water purification and bringing the pure water quickly.

Now talking about the UF technology-based water purifier, it has several benefits; one is obvious that it brings pure water.

But this is not the only benefit a UF water purifier has. Below are the few most other but crucial advantages of UF water purifiers.

So let’s get started

#1. Runs Without Electricity

It means pure water without electricity consumption.

Isn’t it Amazing?

Yes, a UF technology-based purifier doesn't require electricity, so no matter what electricity is available in your area, have a UF purifier and enjoy drinking pure.

#2. Purify Muddy Water

Well, the essential work of the UF water purifier is to purify water. This purifier reduces even the turbid or muddy water. It also reduces the cysts, germs, and a few invisible sediments from the water.

UF water purifier also terminates all bacteria, viruses, and germs present in the water. A UF water purifier not only kills the microbes but also flushes out their dead body through the drain. Thus making sure to free your drinking water from microbial contamination.

#3. Filters Out Eggs Of Germs

Sounds Good?

Yes, it is, as only a few cleaner can eliminate the germ's egg, and a UF technology-based purifier is one among those purifiers. A UF technology-based purifier effectively eliminates the highly Chlorine resistant eggs of Amoebic dysentery and Gastroenteritis germs.

Some water purification treatment involves the use of Chlorine the water purification, but the egg remains in water as it has hard protecting shells that Chlorine can't penetrate. Thus the use of a UF water purifier gives you proper protection.

#4. Extremely Efficient

This purifier eliminates the contamination without needing electricity and doesn't require much maintenance. Regular manual washing and fleshing management will help you wash out all the blocked, mud, and germs to keep the purifier under running condition.  

Note- With Proper Care and Timely Manual Fleshing Management, this purifier can work for even a decade.

#5. Others

Apart from all these, a UF water purifier also possesses various other advantages, which are

  • It is economical, i.e., cheaper in price
  • Do not need any installation
  • No chemicals are required
  • Eco-friendly process
  • Portable compare to other purifiers

We Hope That This Topic, "What Is UF In Water Purifier?" Is Clear To You. However, If You Still Have Any Doubt, We Recommend Contacting Our Specialist At @93-115-87716. Our Service Center Specialist Will Guide You With The Proper Information.

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