How Do You Purify Drinking Water?

These days drinking pure water is crucial, and one can not deny its importance. Drinking pure and clean water protects you from various kinds of health issues. Although you can purify your water via various methods, we have listed some most effective methods to purify water here in this blog. Read this till the end and get aware of those purification methods. Best of Luck

Author: Abhishek Kumar

Which Water Purifier Is Best? RO or UV

A water purifier is the best option to eliminate contamination from the water but due to advancement in technology people are getting confused about which water purifier is best. In this blog we have discussed on RO & UV thus this will help you get your answer about which water purifier is best among RO & UV. 

Author: Abhishek Kumar

Is it safe to drink water from water purifier?

As the water pollution increasing the chance of getting pure water is becoming touch. In this situation, only a water purification system can help. But there is a group of people who continuously question Is Safe To Drink Water From A Water Purifier?

If you're also having these kinds of the question then here is the answer. 

Author: Abhishek Kumar

Waterborne Disease- World’s Leading Life-Threat

The consumption of contaminated water causes waterborne diseases. However, this disease is a significant concern in less developed countries, but it is also a significant life-threatening disease in developed countries.

This disease is mainly transmitted by drinking water contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms like Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungus, and various others. In most waterborne diseases, people experience diarrhea, resulting in dehydration and even severe health issues leading to death.

Author: Abhishek Kumar
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